Реферат: My School-Day

On Monday I usually wake up late and have no time to eat mybreakfast. I can't find my books and my school cap. At last I find my books inthe bathroom and find my cap — my dog. Pal. likes to play with it. I have towait ages for a bus and I am nearly late for school. I enter the classroom whenour class-teacher begins to call out the register.

The first lesson on Monday morning is maths. Mr. Bailey, the mathsteacher, collects our homework and then gives us some sums to do.

The next lesson is French. I like French. It's nice to be able totalk to somebody in another language.

At last it is eleven o'clock: time for break. A girl, whose nameis Susan, gives me a piece of cake to eat with my milk. She allows me to copyher Latin homework, because I don't know how to do it.

After break we have two lessons of Latin. There are a lot of boysin our class who don't like Latin. I don't like it either. At half past twelveit is time for lunch: a meat pie, boiled potatoes or cabbage and a glass ofjuice or milk.

Then I go into the playground with my friends. We play footballthere.

After lunch we have a history lesson. The history teacher tells usmany interesting things.

After school my friends and I usually go for a walk. I come homevery late, and my mother is very angry.

In the evening I do my homework. Now I cannot do my homework — there is an interesting programme on television. I think I can do it tomorrow,during break.

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