Реферат: The Ecological Crisis: A Myth or Reality

At the present time the Earth accommodates more then 5 billionpeople. Half of which are undernourished. A total of 4 million deaths occureach year because of starvation.

Mankind has finally realized the threat of an increasingpopulation and has faced the fact that something must be done. The food-supplyincrease lags considerably behind the immense growth of population.

Besides conditions for life grow steadily worse due to numerousfacets of environmental pollution. And worst of all, today's man constantlycontributes to his own deadly crisis. We have got too many cars, too manyfactories, too much sewage and carbon dioxide, too little water and fooddeficiency — all that can be easily faced to too many people.

That is why many western scientists say that our world is goingthrough an ecological crisis which will mean the gradual destruction of thehuman race. Our scientists are not that pessimistic, although they do thinkthat man's increased tampering with the world around him is posing a growing threatto the biosphere.

It is not too late to forestall what could be drastic andirreversible changes in the environment and ensure that the world will be ahealthy place for the present and future generations to live in.

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