Реферат: American and British Schools

 In America, all children from six to sixteen go to school. Theyspend six years in «elementary» school, and four or six years in«secondary» or «high» school. School education is free.

 At the end of every school year, the children take a test. If achild does well, he goes into next class («grade»). If he doesn't dowell, he has to repeat the grade.

 Some schools have modern teaching equipment. like computers andclosed circuit television, but there are small country schools, with just oneclassroom.

 At the end of their time at school, most students get a highschool diploma. If they want to ^o on to college, they take college admissiontests.

 In Britain all children from five to sixteen go to school. Theyspend six years in «primary» school, and then go on to«secondary» school.

 In Britain there are «state» schools, which are free,and private schools for which parents pay, Many British private schools are«boarding» schools. The children stay at school all the time, andonly come home in the holidays. They usually wear uniforms.

 Teaching in both countries is usually quite in formal. Studentsoften work together in groups? and go to the teacher only when they need help.

 At school pupils spend the most important of their lives. It ishere that their characters and views are formed. The word «school»always reminds us of our childhood and youth, of close and dear people in ourlife.

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