Реферат: Holidays in Great Britain

There are some holidays in G.B. They are Christmas day, BoxingDay, new years day, Easter, mayday, spring bank holiday and simmer bankholiday.

Public holidays in G.B. are called bank holidays because the banksas wall as most of the offices and shops are closed.

The most popular holiday is Xmas. Every year the people of Norwaygive the city of London the present. It is a big Xmas tree and it stands inTrufalger square. Central streets are beautifully decorated. Before Xmas groupsof singers go from house to house. They collect money for charity and singcarols traditional Xmas songs. Many churches hold a carol serves on the Sundaybefore Xmas.

The fun starts the night before, on the 24 of December. This isthe day when people decorate their trees. Children hang stocking at the end oftheir beds, hoping that Santa Claus will come at night and full them with toysand sweets.

Xmas is a family holiday. Relatives’ prepare for the big Xmasdinner of turkey and Xmas pudding and every one gives and gets presents.

The 26 of December, Boxing Day are an extra holiday after Xmas.This is the time to meet friends or sit at home and watch TV. New years day isless popular in Britain then Xmas.

Besides public holidays there are some special holidays inBritain. One of them takes place on the 5 of November. On that day in 1605 GuyFawkes tried to blow up the House of Parliament and kill a King James thefirst. But he didn’t succeeded. The King’s man found the bomb and took GuyFawkes to the tower. Sins what day the British celebrate the 5 of November.

There are also smaller holidays in G.B.

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