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What is a hobby? It is what you can and like to do, when you havefree time. We choose a hobby according to our character and taste. When we havea hobby our life becomes more interesting.

Very often our hobby helps us to choose our future professionbecause we learn a lot of new things.

Many people are interested in music. They collect records. Otherslike to read and collect books. People living in cities and towns like to becloser to nature and they spend their free time in the country.

Some of us go on hikes, some like to Work in their gardens, takephotographs or knit.

For example, gardening and growing roses is the most common hobbyamong Englishmen.

Both grown-ups and children are fond of playing different computergames. It has become one of the numerous hobbies.

I have got a hobby too.

My name is Nastya. Sometimes I have got some free time. As my hobbyis cooking I like to make cakes and pies. My cakes are very tasty, but I likepies best of all. I'll tell you how I make pies with cabbage.

First of all I take a head of cabbage, cut and put it into afrying-pan. Then I take carrot and peel it. By the way I have a verycomfortable grater at home. I like to use it when I make my pies. I usuallygrate carrot, onion using my favourite grater. I put grated carrot into thefrying-pan, then I salt cabbage and carrot to my taste, mix them and add somewater. Then I stew these vegetables in the frying-pan. I usually buy some pastefor my pies.

I cut up paste, roll it and make small pies. Then I put pies withstewed cabbage into the oven. It takes twenty minutes to bake them. My parentsand friends like to eat my pies. I advise you to make such pies and I hope thatyou'll like them too.

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