Реферат: Christmas Day

Every country has its own customs and traditions. English people areproud of their traditions and they keep them up.

It is difficult to speak about England without speaking about itsholidays. Christmas Day is among them.

All English people celebrate Christmas (or X-mas) on the 25th ofDecember.

Christmas! What kind of holiday is it? It is the yearly celebrationof the birth of Jesus Christ. It falls on December 25 by the Catholic Churchand on the 7th of January by the Orthodox Church. This holiday means thebeginning of the new year and the new life. English people celebrate thisholiday with the evergreen tree — Christmas tree. Children put a long sock,called a Christmas stocking at the end of their beds and Santa Claus comes downthe chimney to bring them presents.

Christmas Day is the greatest holiday in England. It is interestingto visit the shops before this holiday. There are a lot of nice Christmas cardsand presents there. English people like this holiday very much and prepare forit beforehand. They buy presents for each other, try to send Christmas cardsfor their relatives and friends.

It is interesting to visit London during this holiday. There is aChristmas tree in Trafalgar Square. We can see many lights, toys and sweets allover this tree. Everywhere you can see slogans «A Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year».

The traditional English dinner on Christmas is turkey and pudding.

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