Реферат: Travelling by sea

Almost all people like to travel. When you have got holidays you cantravel by car, by train, by plane and by sea.

I like to travel by sea best of all. Some years ago we took a cruisealong the Black Sea coast on board the liner " Russia ". We came toSochi by train. Then we went to the seaport and saw our ship. It was big. Weliked it very much. I remember the ship and our cabin. Our cabin wascomfortable. It had got two berths, a table two chairs and one wide window andthe warm wind was blowing through it. There was fresh air in our cabin duringall the voyage. We had breakfast, dinner and supper on board the ship. When itwas time to have meals we went to the restaurant.

The weather was fine. After breakfast we spent a lot of time on thedeck sitting in deck chairs or standing at the rail, watching the ships,passing not far from our ship. It was pleasant to watch the waves too.

I remember the sunrise and the sunset well. It was unforgettable. Inthe afternoon I took a sunshade because the sun was shining brightly. It washot in the sunshine.

In the daytime we liked to watch the sea-scape. At four o'clock weentered the port Adler. There were some ships there. We saw many people on thepier. We had some free time in Adler and we went for a walk while the ship wasin the port. The water was clean and it was pleasant to swim in the sea. I likethe Caucasus and that's why I was pleased.

At 8 o'clock we came back. The liner was going to sail off. In theevening we patched TV, danced or stayed on the deck when the weather was fine.

I enjoyed my trip. This voyage impressed me for all my life.

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