Реферат: I want to be a teacher

There are many interesting and useful professions but I like theprofession of a teacher.

I began to think about my future profession at the age of 14. I wasborn in the family of a teacher. My mother is a teacher, and I like thisprofession, too.

When I was a little girl, I went to school with my mother attendingher lessons.

I saw my mother at the lessons, I watched her and I wanted my motherto be a favourite teacher for the pupils.

Once our English teacher caught cold. I was in the 9th form and wasfond of English.

The head teacher asked me to give an English lesson in the 5th form.I entered the classroom, saw many pupils, sitting at their desks, and said,«Good morning» and began the lesson.

I wanted the pupils to like English. We read, wrote, sang songs,asked and answered questions. I gave English lessons several times and I wasglad teaching the pupils when the teacher was absent.

Now I know well what I am going to do after leaving school. I wantto be a teacher of English. It is a very interesting and difficult profession.It is interesting because you work with the pupils, with the personalities. Itis difficult because you have to teach them a foreign language.

To be a good teacher means to be a highly educated person and toknow a lot. Every day I improve my English, reading books, translatingsentences from Russian into English, reading English newspapers, lookingthrough magazines and sometimes speaking with Englishmen.

I am fond of English and I want to be a skilled teacher.

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