Реферат: Isaac Newton

Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all times was born in 1642in little village in Lincolnshire, England. His father was a farmer and diedbefore Newton was born. His mother was a clever woman whom he always loved.

After the school, Newton studied mathematics at Cambridge Universityand received his degree in1665. Then the university was closed because of thedanger of plague and Newton went home for eighteen months. It was mostimportant pe-riod of his life when he made his three great discoveries — thediscoveries of the differential calculuses, of the nature of white light, andof the law of gravitation.

These discoveries are still important for the modern science. Newtonhad always been interested in the problems of light. Many people saw thecolours of a rainbow but only Newton showed, by his experiments, that whitelight consists of these colours.

It is interesting how he discovered the law gravitation. Once, as hesat at the garden, his attention was drawn by the fall of an apple. Many peoplesaw such an usual thing before. But it was Newton who asked himself a question:«Why does that apple fall perpendicularly to the ground? Why doesn't it gosidewards or up-wards?» The answer to this question was the theory ofgravitation, discovered by Newton.

Newton died at the age of 84, and was buried in Westminster Abbey,where his monument stands today.

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