Реферат: International organizations and international cooperation

There are many organizations in the world, which work and cooperatetogether in dealing with international problems. Some of them are official, theother are public. Among them are the United Nations Organization, The Red CrossLeague, Greenpeace and many others. Let's take, for example, the UnitedNations. It is an organization to which nearly all the countries of the worldbelong. It's headquarters are situated in New York. Its central aim is tomaintain peace and security in the world, to develop friendly relations amongnations.

Greenpeace is an international organization, which deals withecological and environmental problems. It was formed in 1971. Now it is apowerful organization, which works all over the word. There are many seriousactions in the list of Greenpeace activities. The national offices exist in 27countries of the world. In Russia Greenpeace was formed in 1992. It works hereon four directions: Wood Campaign, Antinuclear Campaign, and Campaign forpreservation Lake Baikal. Greenpeace tries to attract public attention to differentproblems in the world and find out who is guilty. It is financed by personalvoluntary donations of its supporters. One more organization I'd like to speakabout is the World Wildlife Fund. It was formed in 1961 by a small group ofpeople. Now it is a large organization. The aim of it is to sake animals andplants of the world. It has raised over 35 million pounds for conversationprojects and given support to National parks in five continents. As for me, I'dlike to join Greenpeace organization. I am extremely concerned in ecologicalproblems in our country, especially in our region. It is very important whatwater we drink, what food we eat. Besides, it is the place where I live. Wemust save our land for future generations.

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