Реферат: Why was Washington made the capital of the United States?

After the War of Independence the United States needed a capitalcity. Different cities in different parts of the country wanted to be thenation’s capital.

In the end it was decided to build a new city. In 1791 GeorgeWashington, the first president, chose the place where the city now stands. Theland round the city was called the District of Colombia, after ChristopherColumbus; and the city on it was named Washington, in honour of the country’sfirst president.

The architect of the new city planned straight streets with treeson both sides, beautiful buildings, and monuments to honour great men. Thebuildings for the Congress of the United States and some other buildings werebuilt on a hill. These buildings were called the Capitol. Then the hill was renamedCapitol Hill.

In 1800 President John Adams, the second president, and othermembers of the government moved to the new city of Washington, D.C. (Districtof Columbia).

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