Реферат: The political system of Great Britain

Great Britain is a parliamentary monarchy. It means that there isa Queen (or King) and the Parliament. The Queen has almost no power in thecountry. Her powers are limited by the Parliament. Laws are made by theParliament.

The Queen is only a formal ruler: she reigns but does not rule. Infact everything that she does is done on the active of her ministers, who areresponsible for the royal acts. Thus, most of her functions are symbolic. TheUnited Kingdom is governed by Her majesty’s Government in the name of the Queen.But the Queen has all information, has the right to encourage and the right towarn. The Queen’s residence in London is Buckingham Palace. Besides, she hassome homes in England and Scotland.

The British Parliament consists of two cambers: the House if Lordsand the House of Commons. There are more than 1000 members in the House ofLords. Many seats are hereditary.

The House of Commons has 635 members. They are elected by ageneral election (secret ballot).

Any member may introduce a Bill and ask permission to bring it tothe House for the first reading. After the third time reading the Bill goes tothe House of Lords. If the Lords agree to a Bill, it will be placed before theQueen for signature.

The government is headed by the Prime Minister, who is the leaderof the party that has won the election.

In Great Britain there are three main political parties: theConservatives, the Labour Party and the Liberals.

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