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New York is one of the largest cities in the world. Its populationis over 11 million people. New York is an industrial and cultural centre of thecountry. Most business is centred in Manhattan Island. The whole area is verysmall, that's why the sky-scrapers were invented in New York and, especially,in Wall Street. Wall Street is a narrow street with big houses, but it is wellknown all over the world as the busiest street in the USA. People do businessthere. There are two more world-famous streets — Broadway and Fifth Avenue.Broadway is the centre of the theatres and night life. It is known as “TheGreat White Way” because of the electric signs which turn night into day.

It is the city that never goes to sleep. Buses and sub-way run allnight. There are many drugstores and restaurants which never close their doors.There are cinemas with films that start at midnight. Fifth Avenue is the greatshopping, hotel, and club avenue.

New York is the largest port in America. More than half the tradeof the United States goes through this city.

There are many places of interest in New York. They are: theStatue of Liberty, the United Nations Building, Empire State Building, ColumbiaUniversity, City Hall, New York Public Library and others. When you come to NewYork you see lots of cars, big and small, black and yellow, old and modem; youdo not see any trees or flowers in the streets, but only cars. You'll see andhear advertisements everywhere. There is no getting away from them.Advertisements fill the newspapers and cover the walls, they are on menu-cardsand match-boxes, they are shouted through loud speakers and shown in thecinemas.

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