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New Zealand, an independent state and a member of theCommonwealth, is situated south-east from Australia. The country consists ofthree large islands and also many small islands. New Zealand is a mountainouscountry. New Zealand's rivers are short. The climate in New Zealand is warm andthe greater part of the country is well watered. There are good forests ofevergreen trees and large areas are rich grasslands. New Zealand has very fewnative animals. The kiwi, a bird which lives in the forest and does not fly, isfound nowhere else in the world. The kiwi is the national emblem of NewZealand.

The main cities in North Island are Auckland, the largest city andport, and Wellington, the capital. Christchurch and Dunedin are the mostimportant towns in South Island. New Zealand is sometimes called “The Britainof the Pacific”, because the cities and towns of the country resemble very muchthose of England. New Zealand's climate with rainfalls all the year round, isvery favourable for dairying, sheep-farming and cattle-farming, as well asgrowing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

The population of New Zealand is over three million people, morethan two thirds of whom live in North Is-land. The Maori people make up eightper cent of the total population. The Maoris are famous for their folk-songs,music and dances, they are very skilled in wood-work.

New Zealand is a self-governing state and a member of theCommonwealth. The Governor-General represents the King or Queen of England. TheParliament of the country consists of one house only, the House ofRepresentatives. The Prime Minister heads the cabinet. The main politicalparties are the Labour Party and the National Party of New Zealand.

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