Реферат: May Day

The 1st of May is a spring holiday in our country. Usually it iswarm during this day. The weather is fine. The trees are green. You can seesome flowers in the parks and gardens. I don't go to school and my parentsdon't go to work on the 1st of May.

We get up at 9 o'clock and we are in a good mood. Our relatives andfriends ring us up and congratulate us.

Then we have our breakfast and go for a walk.

Our house is situated not far from the park. There is a beautifulpond with white swans swimming there.

If it doesn't rain we enjoy walking in the park.

Usually we invite our friends to our Place or come to see themourselves. We have a holiday party in the evening. My mother makes a tasty cakeand biscuits for it.

At 9 o'clock we see our friends off.

After that the members of our family usually watch TV or listen tomusic.

We like this holiday very much, because we can meet our friends, goto the theatre or simply have a good time at home.

This holiday is celebrated in England and in the USA too. Childrendance around a maypole, leave small baskets of flowers at a friend's door.

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