Реферат: I like to travel

I like to travel. First of all, the members of our family usuallyhave long walks in the country. Such walks are called hikes. If we want to seethe countryside, we have to spend a part of our summer holidays on hikes. It isuseful for all members of our family. We take our rucksacks, we don't thinkabout tickets, we don't hurry up and we walk a lot. During such hikes we see alot of interesting places, sometimes we meet interesting people.

I like to travel by car. It is interesting too, because you can seemany things in a short time. When we go by car, we don't take tickets too, weput all things we need in a car. We don't carry them.

It is comfortable to travel by train and by plane. When I travel byplane, I don't spend a lot of time going from one place to another. But it isdifficult to buy tickets for the plane. That's why we take our ticketsbeforehand. If I travel by train or by plane my friends see me off at therail-way station or in the airport. Sometimes we go to the seaside for a fewdays. As usual the weather is fine. It is warm, we can swim. It is a pleasureto watch white ships.

I think that travelling is a very useful thing for us and I enjoyall kinds of travelling very much. 

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