Реферат: Численный расчет диода Ганна



      Thisdiskette contains a

software and itssource code exclusively

for the courseproject of Andrey Pobirchi and others

on subject«Modellin' in the electronics.»

This program maybe useful to learn principles

of UHF Ganndiodes operation and design.

      Folder «Gann» contains files«AS IS»,

and the«BackUp.exe» Windows Executable SFX

archive — itsarchived copy.




      This software and/or it's source code aredeployed

as is and doesnot have any protection or locking. Be sure

you are can copy,assemble, hire, broadcast or give it to

public in anyother kind. Remember that you MUST

include into yourwork an author information.

P.S. I believethat you got some happiness and joy, I can help with...

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