Реферат: Biotechnology In Human Medicine Essay Research Paper

Biotechnology In Human Medicine Essay, Research Paper

Alex Jaime


Jan. 7 “2000″

Pg Report.

“Biotechnology in Human Medicine”

Biotechnology is the science by which scietist change or manage biological systems

in living things. This science allows humans to better understand, and apply their

learnings to things such as agriculture, industry and human medicine.

One of the ways scientist are learning more about medicines is by performing labs

that are called cultures. This is when microorganisms or cells are grown in a controlled

enviroment, set up by the experimenter. Also the culture must be kept clean and have

food at all times. The organisms living in this cell are also known as a culture cell. When

all is said and done the scientist should hopefully have learned something, usually having

to do with a cell being different than normal. From culture labs scientist can make

antiobiotics, vaccines and other drugs that can help people in todays society who are ill.

Pharming is another way to help make medicines better. Pharming is a method by

Scientists take milk from animals to produce proteins that are needed by humans. This

method is a substitute to that of a culture because it is not only cheaper but is much safer.

The Human Genome Project is also a project that is helpful to that of medicines.

This project is aimed to help understand how genes work in a persons body. Once we

we learn more about the genes of people the door is opened to other paths. The goals

of this project are to identify all 100,000 genes in DNA, determine the 3 billion chemical

bases found in DNA and then to develop tools that will help us analyze all of the

information that is learned from the project. These are only just some of what is gonna

help us with medicine in the future.

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