Реферат: Designing a website for a new company "Grand Record" cinema

Table of content

Table of content


Business background

Website functions

Future Industry Developments

Payment system

Internet Security and Legal Concerns




Financial Plan




In our days,time goes very fast, and people like to spend their weekends going to anotherworld, movie world. Today, in Malaysia population consist of 24,425,000 people,all of them every weekend people stand in line for a cinema ticket but, sincebusiness to consumer e-Commerce on the Internet is an area of rapiddevelopment, the line become decrease. Today, in Malaysia, the most famous incinema industry it is Golden Screen Cinema and it wishes to use e-commerce as asales and promotional medium.

In thisassignment, authors create own Cinema «Grand Record» and according tothe Golden Screen Cinema authors design a website with electronic commerceenabled functions that is to be the main thrust of a business plan. And alsoauthors try to explain:

Theimplications of E-Commerce approaches for Business Strategies.

Explain theethical issues and legal implications of E-Commerce solutions.

Security issuesfrom a business.

Discuss areasin which standards are emerging.

Business background

Grand Record (G.R) is the biggest cinema industry in Malaysia which has above 20 screen cinemasin a Pavilion shopping with the 3000 seats and another 50 screen in otherMegamall in Malaysia.

Rely on grandRecord Online facilities as a Web site; it has a Clear and Impressive designwhich described below in this work, many functions such as e-payment optionsvia Internet, and effective Internet Security.

Grand recordplans to build a strong Marketing position in the Cinema Industry. Theirpartner wills the biggest Banks in Malaysia such as Maybank and CIMB whichrepresent sales, and finance areas respectively, these banks will allowed alltypes of visa card which help in e-payment options and Increase Company’srevenue. The partners will provide funding from their own savings, which willcover start up expenses and provide a financial cushion for the first fewmonths of operation.

In a Servicearea Grand Record will provide their customers:





Moreover, GrandRecords will produce fast online service.

Website design



Main Page“About” Page

/>/> />/>

“Today” Page“Tomorrow" Page

/>/> />/>



(All pages inreal size are attached in Appendix)

Website functions

Website ofGrand Record cinema is based on Golden Screen Cinema website (www.gsc.com. my).It includes 5 main pages which are “Home", “About", “Today", “Tomorrow"and “Contacts”, and also it has two direct accesses to Order Tickets Online andDownload New Wallpapers.

“Home" page- consist of welcome note the Grand Record cinema,list of movies which already have been shown in cinema, and movies which areshowing currently during one month. And of course all movies sorted by type, orgenre: action, adventure, comedy, foreign, drama, family movie and so on. Beloweach part there is a link to a special page which included just that particularinformation which customer need at the moment. It means that main goal of thispage is to show.

On the top ofeach page there is a search bar. It helps users to find any information aboutGrand Record products and services they are interested in.

“About” page- Web site users can find some necessaryinformation about staff of the company, workers, information about Grand Recordsuch as history, activities and service which is provided in Grand Recordcinemas. Of course there is special offers link where internet users can seesome offers which are providing on current day/week/month. It can be somepromotions, gifts, discounts, or sale of new toys for children related to newmovies or animations.

“Today” page- based on the title of this page it is clear thathere is information about movies which are currently showing in cinema, alsotop movies or most popular and most viewed.

Tomorrow"page-mostly new movies which or premiers or they are coming soon. Alsothere are located some new trailers with information about new coming moviesand animations. Moreover the users can find on this page some news aboutauthors, actors, film production, budgets and sponsors.

“Contacts"page — specified locations of Grand Record cinemasin different countries and cities, then the location and address of main officeand contact information for communication between the company and customers.The “contact form” is given for users to ask any of their concerns on theservice, and user should provide an e-mail address for receiving the specifiedanswer on their particular question.

Therefore as itwas mentioned above there are two buttons which will appear on each pageallowing direct access to order tickets online and download new wallpapers withpopular actors and favorites. For example in order to book or order ticket forany movie user should click on field “Order tickets now" and it will betransferred to new page with short form which is need to be filled up withpersonal information such as name, passport number/IC, address, and thencustomer just will choose the particular movie, date, places. Payment will bedone by using credit or debit card, and then just need to print purchasedticket.

Website wasmade with using Adobe Flash Player for being more attractive and simplegraphics and design in order to make it available and easy to use for users ofany age, occupation and educational background.

Advantages ofusing this website for company and customers

For customer:The main point is that use of this website helps to make process of choosing amovie and buying ticket much faster than in simple counter when people have tostand in long queues.

Here is smalllist why people are using online ticketing:

Because they can buy it any time they want Because they can buy it from their own house Because special offers are so easy to find Because of the support they receive Because it is really comfortable Because they can book any seats they want free of charge Because it is safe Because of the extra services they can enjoy Because they can get more information

For company: Asit saves time when people use such online service, company can easily get morecustomers. As notice, sometimes it can be that there are cinemas are empty ornot all seats are used. It can be because people:

Did not heardabout the film,

People did notwant to stay long queues to buy a ticket

People did notknow what it is about so they didn’t want to spend money for something unknown.

So when peoplewill use online system on Grand Record website they can read the descriptionabout the movie, the can know the price, they can buy it just when they are athome. Of course it will increase the amount of customers what will beprofitable for the company.

Future Industry Developments

The increase inother entertainment options, for instance computer games, pubs, home cinemasand the ever shrinking window between the release of a movie in the cinema andthen onto DVD means that the future of the cinema industry is uncertain. Thetrend towards consolidation will no doubt continue, but it is interesting tonote that the number of multiplexes opening has platitude, with an average of25 a year opening between 2007 and 2008, only 6 were opened in 2009. Thisperhaps signals that the multiplex market has reached its full potential andthat the marketplace is stabilizing.

However, thestabilization of the market at the top end does not as yet seem to havefiltered down to the smaller cinemas and as such, many continue having troubleturning a profit. It is the owners' belief that the current market is ideal forthe development of a new concept which gives movie patrons an entirely uniquecinema experience — Grand Record.

Payment system


“Skipwaiting in line to purchase your movie tickets. Purchase your movie ticketsonline, pick them up when you want to and go directly into your movie. Choosefrom several services offering online movie ticket sales or buy directly fromthe theatre online. ” — This is Grand Record’soffer to its customers.

There are a fewsteps to make online payment:

Visit the corporate website for the theatre showing your movie Find a movie, location and show time that fits your schedule. Choose a location, click on its name and see if online ticketing is available for the preferable movie. Confirm the selection by reviewing the movie, theatre and show time on the computer screen. Click on a show time to purchase tickets. Select a ticket type and quantity making sure to note the service charge and ticket price. Enter promotional codes (if any) at this time. Create an account to finalize the ticket purchase. Fill in name, email address, gender and date of birth. Create a password. Click on «Create an Account» and finalize the order. Enter a credit card number in the box provided. Include the type of credit card that has been used for purchasing a ticket, its expiration date and billing zip code. Keep the credit card available. (Customer may need to present it at the theatre when they pick up their tickets) Confirm ticket purchase and watch an email for a purchase confirmation notification. Print out the confirmation and bring it to the movie theatre. Present any necessary identification. In some cinemas of Grand Record, it is no need a confirmation. Just slip the credit card into a kiosk, like an ATM, and the machine prints out tickets. Tickets bought for friends can be directly emailed to them. There is also a toll-free customer service line if a user needs assistance Internet Security and LegalConcerns

Sincedevelopment of internet using and e-commerce, the growth of internet crimesbrings a huge risk for websites.computer crimes are very dangerous as forwebsite holders and users as well. They are criminal activities, which involvethe use of information technology to gain an illegal or an unauthorized accessto a computer system with intent of damaging, deleting or altering computerdata.computer crimes also include the activities such as electronic frauds,misuse of devices, identity theft and data as well as system interference.computercrimes may not necessarily involve damage to physical property. Websitesdevelopers should be protected from such a danger as internet crime, bycreating the security tools. Any information interchanging with users should besafe. For these enhancing the security and privacy website must include thesecurity option under the Site map, which provides to users the guarantee ofsafety of personal information given to the site. To protect the informationabout user, account data, transactions data, website administration should controlany possible hacking activities, by updating the passwords, using uncrackablesoft wares for security and so on.

a. PropertyRights

Property rightsinclude copyrights and trademarks of “Grand Records" which cannot be usedby other subjects.


Logo of GrandRecords is a property, which protected by law under copyright issues. Also thename Grand Records is protected under copyright, as well as a website specialdesign, includes red and black colors.




As a trademarkfor Grand Records are presented Grand Cinema-cafe, Grand-meal, GrandH20, andGrand-cd. All these could not be repeated by other companies.


Grand recordshas patented the special users card, with microchip which gives an opportunityto holder to have some advantages, for instance to have free shows, to beserved in faster or to get discounts in all Grand Records branches, inclusivelyGR-cafe, and for production of Grand-cd.


A computercrime in Grand Records business is an unauthorized access to the accountsinformation of customers. They rather include the manipulation of confidentialdata and critical information. Сomputer crimes involveactivities of software theft, wherein the privacy of the users is hampered.These criminal activities involve the breach of human and information privacy,as also the theft and illegal alteration of system critical information. Thedifferent types of computer crimes have necessitated the introduction and use ofnewer and more effective security measures.

For protectingfrom hackers, who would like to get log ins of users, their passwords and bankaccount information given for e-payment options, Grand Records uses thesecurity software, and periodically changes the method of encoding and decodinginformation between partners and customers.


GR web sitedevelopers are strictly working on improving the level of security, andincrease trust of customers to the site, and transaction making. GR is glad toinform that information given to the site is private and no one has access tothem.

Software helpto protect the site from hackers and crackers and any case of unauthorized orillegal access can be noticed and problems solved. GR uses a specialautomatizaed notification service for customers which will inform users aboutany “unusual” transactions by email, and for more security they automaticallyblock User account, and just after confirmation letter from customer, it shouldbe open for use.

Financial Plan

Financial Planis a critical for any business. The first step in running a successful businessis to develop a sound business plan and strategy.

A large marketingbudget would not necessary as the focus would be on offering promotions such ashalf price tickets during the day and/or two for the price of one deals can beoffered in conjunction with various local business/newspapers reducingmarketing costs substantially. As the Grand Record cinema experience is unique,and marketed as an indulgence, it is suggested that many local businesses wouldbe willing to be involved in such promotional activities.

While actualadvertising costs will be low, printing and distribution costs will still needto be considered. In Appendix (Table 1, Table 2) shows Summary for Web Site andProfit and Loss table. Grand Record`s Projected Profit & Loss shows in afirst and second table a net loss in the 1st year not only due to consultancy,set up and development fees in the website, and also promotional Companyexpenses and advertising cost. According to this Financial Plan, Grand Recordhas built strong, stable income and will be the most successful company inCinema industry.


The cinemaindustry as a whole is facing challenges from many sides. The larger cinemasare better placed to meet the challenges of a quickly changing marketplace.Unfortunately, the losers in this consolidation of the marketplace and theemerging challenges to the cinema have been the small, family run cinemas.

Taking abroader view of the market in which cinemas compete, the market would be theentertainment market generally. People have a limited amount of disposableincome and a limited amount of time which can be spent on entertainment. Assuch, cinemas are also competing with bars, sporting events, home cinemas,travel and restaurants. It is submitted that Grand Record cinemas would be astrong competitor in the general entertainment market at a niche level.

The intentionwould be to choose high headline price points but at the same time offerpromotional offers which would ensure that most customers never pay the fullrate. The media and promotion strategy would focus on teaming up with localbusinesses and newspapers to offer special promotional packages (for example,the local florist could offer a two for one deal with each bunch of roses sold)

As noted above,it is the prospective owners' view that cinemas can no longer focus on thenarrow definition of the market. Some guidance can be taken from themultiplexes which offer patrons an experience. Often these cinemas are attachedto shopping centers and as such going to the cinema is simply part of aperson’s shopping day. Multiplexes, like the shopping centers to which they areappended, rely on the principle that if something is large and loud, no onewill dare to think that it is anything but the best and it must be said thatthey do this well. Teenagers are particularly impressed by this logic.

Total of words:2292


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Table 1



Budget Description Per Year Cost Total Percentage (%)


/> /> /> (A) Consultancy, set-up and development fees: /> /> /> Consultancy, creative design, development fee, including /> /> /> project review (industry estimate of 15-20% of $50,000) 9,000.00 /> /> 1. Web hosting fees (up to 50 products, static web pages) 3,800.00 2a. First year on-line fee 3, 200.00 2b. Site maintenance (static web pages) 3,000.00 19,000.00 12% (B) Advertising and Promotion: Printing & stationery BFD logo and URL address 700.00 3. Search engine («Gold subscription includes up to 200 search engines and directories using keywords 100.00 And keyword phrases. 4. Radio advertisement 49,000.00 Launch party discounts, giveaways, contest prizes 3,000.00 52,800.00 69% 5. Banner advertisement (3 months) 9,000.00 19% TOTAL 80,800.00


2c. Site maintenance (dynamic web pages) 7,500.00 15% 6. SSL-enabled web hosting fee 2,000.00 10% 7. Customer Service Representative 30,000.00 67% SUB-TOTAL 39,500.00 TOTAL FOR PHASE I & PHASE II 120,300.00

Table 2. ProfitAnd Loss

PARTICULARS YEAR 1 (RM) YEAR 2 (RM) YEAR 3 (RM) SALES: General Operation 540,000 648,000 666,000 Service Catering 300,000 364,000 388,000 Total revenue 840,000 1,012,000 1,054,000 Less: Cost of Ticket Sold (252,000) (303,600) (316, 200) GROSS PROFIT 588,000 708,400 737,800 Less: Expenses Consultancy, set up & development fee (Note 1) 9,000 Salaries expenses 300,000 330,000 363,000 Rent expenses 182,000 182,000 182,000 Advertising & promotion expenses (Note 2) 68,000 68,000 55,000 General expenses 40,000 45,000 47,000 Net Profit / (Loss) (11,000.00) 83,400 90,800


/> /> /> /> />
Home page with Welcome note


Second page – ABOUTэ


Third page – TODAY


Fourth page – TOMORROW


Fifth page – CONTACTS



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