Реферат: Перевод и анализ стихотворения Эдгара По "Fairy Land"

                                       1   FAIRY LAND

                            Dim vales – and shadowy floods –

                            And cloudy-looking woods,

                            Whose forms we can`tdiscover

                            For the tears that drip all over.

                            Huge moons there wax and wane –

                            Again – again – again –

                            Every moment of the night –

                            Foreverchanging places –

                            And they put out the star-light

                            With the breath from their pale faces.

                            About twelve by the moon-dial

                            One more filmy than the rest

                            (A kind which, upon trial,

                            They have found to be the best)

                            Comes down – still down – and down

                            With its centre on the crown

                            Of a mountain`seminence

                            While its wide circumference

                            In easy drapery falls

                            Over hamlets, over halls,

                            Wherever they may be –

                            O`er thestrange woods – o`er the sea –

                            Over spirits on the wing –

                            Over every drowsy thing –

                            And buries them up quite

                            In a labyrinth of light –

                            And then, how deep! – O, deep!

                            Is the passion of their sleep.

                            In the morning they arise,

                            And their moony covering

                            Is soaring in the skies,

                            With the tempests as they toss,

                            Like – almost any thing –

                            Or a yellow Albatross.

                            They use that moon no more

                            For the same and as before –

                            Videlicet a tent –

                            Which I think extravagant:

                            Its atomies, however,

                            Into a shower dissever,

                            Ofwhich those butterflies,

                            Of Earth, who seek the skies,

                            Andso come down again

                            (Never-contented things!)

                            Have brought a specimen

                            Upon their quivering wings.

                            2   ПОСТРОЧНЫЙПЕРЕВОД

                            Dim        vales – and    shadowy  floods –                               А                

                                тусклый      дол           и        тенистый      поток

                                   матовый     долина                смутный       наводнение




                            And  cloudy  -  looking       woods,                                         A             

                              и        облачный    выглядящий    дерево

                                                   мутный                                лес

                            Whose  forms   we    can`t      discover                                  B

                                чей         формы     мы      не мочь   открывать


                            For     the    tears      that        drip     allover.                         B

                               Для                 слезы       который     капать     повсюду

                            Huge         moons   there     wax      and   wane –                  C  

                            огромный     луны     там    прибывать     и   убывать


                            Again– again – again –                                                          C

                            опять     опять     опять

                                   снова     снова     снова

                            Every     moment   of   the  night –                                        D

                            каждый   момент                        ночь



                            Forever      changing       places–                                           E

                            навсегда    меняющийся       места


                            And    they    putout         the    star  -  light                           D

                              и        они     тушить                    звезда    свет



                            With    the     breath       from  their   pale        faces              E

                                 с                     дыхание       из       их    бледный      лица

                            About    twelve   by    the   moon  -  dial                                F

                            около          12                             луна        диск


                            One    more     filmy                  than      the     rest                 G

                            один    более   туманный                  чем              остальное

                                                             тонкий как паутина


                            (A    kind     which,     upon     trial,                                       F

                                      род      который         на       процесс

                                             вид                                           суд

                                             сорт                                      испытание



                            They    have    found     to    be    the   best)                            G

                               они      иметь     найти       к                      лучший

                                                     нашли(Past Perfect)     

                            Comes        down  –  still          down   –   and    down         A

                            подходит      вниз          всё ещё          вниз             и       вниз

                                   подъезжает                    до сих пор


                            With    its    centre   on    the    crown                                    A

                               с        его     центр      в                корона



                            Of     a     mountain`s       eminence                                        B

                                                 гора                     высота


                            While                  its       wide       circumference                  B

                             когда                      его      широкий        окружность

                                     пока                                                          периферия

                                    в то время, как                                            окрỳга

                                   несмотря на то, что                             

                            In       easy         drapery            falls                                       C

                             в       лёгкий      драпировка         падать

                                                                    ткани                пасть

                                                                 портьера          наступать


                            Over       hamlets,     over     halls,                                         C

                               над          деревушка      над       прихожая

                                   выше                               выше      коридор

                                   через                               через       чертог

                                   поверх                           поверх     усадьба

                                      у                                      у

                                   при                                   при

                            Wherever     they     may    be –                                           D

                            гдебы ни         они       мочь    быть

                                   кудабы ни

                            O`er     the   strange          woods    –   o`er      the    sea –   D             

                               над                   странный         деревья         над                  море

                                   выше                  чужой               леса             выше     

                                   через               незнакомый                            через      

                                   поверх                                                            поверх    

                                      у                                                                        у

                                   при                                                                    при               

                            Over       spirits  on      the   wing –                                      E

                             над            духи      в                   крыло

                                   выше                        на





                            Over       every         drowsy         thing–                              E

                               над            каждый       сонный            вещь

                                   выше                           дремлющий

                                   через                               вялый




                            And           buries                  them    up     quite                     F

                             и               хоронит                       их               довольно

                                        закапываетв землю                           совершенно


                            In     a     labyrinth     of    light –                                          F

                            в                лабиринт              свет

                            And     then,    how    deep!– O,   deep!                               G

                                и          потом      как     глубоко          глубоко


                            Is     the     passion    of     their     sleep.                                G

                                               страсть                 их         сон



                            In     the     morning    they        arise,                                   A

                                     в                       утро           их      происходить







                            And     their          moony         covering                               B

                             и            их          рассеянный        покрывало

                                                                мечтательный          пласт

                                                              похожий на луну        слой

                                                                    круглый               настил

                           Is      soaring    in     the     skies,                                           A

                                    парящий       в                  небеса

                                         летящий ввысь

                            With    the     tempests    as      they         toss,                      C

                               с                       буря           как       они      подкидывать

                                                            бушевать                                подбрасывать




                            Like  –   almost    any      thing–                                          B

                             как            почти    любой   вещь                     

                            Or    a    yellow     Albatross.                                                C

                             или          желтый    альбатрос

                            They        use             that     moon     no     more                A

                            они      использовать     тот         луна        не      больше


                            For       the same        and       as       before –                      A

                            для      тотже самый     конец      как         раньше


                            Videlicet     a     tent–                                                          B

                            Аименно            палатка

                            Which     I     think     extravagant:                                       B

                               Который   я     считать   расточительный

                                                            думать       сумасбродный




                            Its     atomies,       however,                                                 C

                                   его         атом              однако

                                                скелет        тем не менее


                            Into       a       shower          dissever,                                   C

                                      в                         град            разъединять(ся)

                                                               ливень            отделять(ся)


                            Of        which       those       butterflies,                               D

                                                который         те              бабочки

                            Of        Earth,        who     seek     the    skies,                     D

                                          Земля            кто       искать             небеса


                            And       so       come          down      again                          E

                            И           так       приходить       вниз        опять

                                                 и так             понижаться


                            (Never    -    contented     things!)                                        F

                                    никогда          содержать       вещи





                            Have     brought     a     specimen                                         E

                                   Иметь     приносить           образец




                            Upon     their    quivering   wings.                                      F

                                     на           их          дрожать      крылья




                                3СОБСТВЕННЫЙ  ПЕРЕВОД

Долины тусклые, тенистые ручьи,                                                                     A

Леса – и не мои, и не твои –                                                                                A

Их очертанья различишь едва ли                                                                       B 

Сквозь слёзы, застилающие дали.                                                                      B

Там месяц превращается в луну,                                                                        C

И небо вновь  несёт еёодну.                                                                               C

Там каждую секунду ночи                                                                                  D

Сияют звёзды пламенем седым,                                                                         E

И хочешь погасить их очень                                                                               D

Дыханьем нежным ты своим.                                                                             E

Но вот полночный час пробил                                                                            F

И диск, что называем мы луной,                                                                        G

(который Бог в четвёртый день нам сотворил)                                                 F

Волшебный начинает танец свой.                                                                      G

Спускаясь ниже – ниже – ниже                                                                          A

И сердцем подбираясь ближе                                                                            A                                                     

К вершине той седой горы,                                                                                 B

Которая стоит вдали,                                                                                          B

Льёт мягкий свет по всей земле.                                                                        C

И видишь ты, что там, во мгле,                                                                          C                           Укрытые волшебнымсеребром,                                                                         D

Безмолвные стоят, объяты сном,                                                                        D

Деревни, города, леса, моря,                                                                               E

И феи сна там над землёй парят                                                                         E

И гасят звёзды, навевают дрёму,                                                                        F

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