Реферат: Sport in Our Life

People all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport makespeople healthy, keeps them fit, more organized and better disciplined. Itunites people of different classes and nationalities.

Many people do sports on their personal initiative. They go in forskiing, skating, table width=100% tennis, swimming, volleyball, football,bodybuilding, etc. All necessary facilities are provided for them: stadiums,sport grounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, skiing stations, football fields.Sport is paid much attention to in our educational establishments. Gymnasticsis a part of children’s daily activity in the kindergartens. Physical cultureis a compulsory subject at schools and colleges.

Professional sport is also paid much attention to in our republic.There are different sporting societies clubs and complexes. The most famous ofthem are the Olympic complexes «Luzhniki», «Dynamo» stadium, etc. They are usedfor international and world competitions.

Practically all kinds of sports are popular in our republic butfootball; gymnastics and tennis enjoy the greatest popularity.

As for me, I go in for swimming. It needs mobility, liveliness andmuch energy. It keeps a person in a good form. I have been swimming for a 5years. I get a real joy taking part in competitions or a simply swimming withmy friends. Certainly, it`s a great distance between my manner of swimming andsuch favorites as Popov, but I do my training with great pleasure and hope to swimwell as our best swimmers do.

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