Реферат: 15 years of independent Uzbekistan

<span Monotype Corsiva"; mso-ansi-language:EN-US">15 years of independent Uzbekistan

In this year to Uzbekistan 15 yearswere executed. But it already on a full basis is a part of the mostauthoritative and influential international organizations, increasing friendlycommunications with tens countries on all continents, closely cooperate withthe largest bank bodies, not state and nongovernmental organizations. Inrepublic 88 foreign representations are accredited, 24 intergovernmentalorganizations and 13 nongovernmental organizations operate. For last years therepublic has joined many major international conventions.

         In various directions of theinternational attitudes we perceive successful development of externalcommunications as a guarantee of safety, stability. Uzbekistan is opened to theworld. And we feel, that the world shows huge interest to Uzbekistan. And it isthe Best guarantee for steady development of Uzbekistan. In it we see thecertificate to that Uzbekistan becomes more and more attractive, both frompositions of capital investments, and from a position of maintenance ofstability in region as a component of universal global safety.

XXIcentury is a century of globalization in the international attitudes. In theseconditions process of integration, expansion of participation of the sovereignstates both the international institutes and the organizations is necessary forconsidering not only as historical inevitability, but also as the powerfulfactor of stability of stabilization, as separate regions, and as a whole — inscale of all planet.

Hereany more there is no question, to participate or not in the internationalintegration processes. For Uzbekistan as new not dependent, solving gets firstof all strict observance of those basic principles of foreign policy aboutwhich it was spoken above, based reasonable expediency and long-term interestsof our state, a society and the person.

Andas a result I am proud of the native land. I am glad that was born inUzbekistan. And I hope that by 20 years of independence Uzbekistan becomes stillmore prospering and developed state.

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