Реферат: Family relations

Family relationsThe word «family» is associatedwith warm tender relations between members of the family. A consideration (уважение)fortress (крепость) of such relations became possible when people in thefamily do many things together, overcome troubles and live friendly. Love givesa feeling of happiness. But nowadays young people think thatfamily cannot be based only on love and understanding. The social position& salary are also important. But on other hand, labor achievements, mood and what is called happiness dependon family relations. When young people marry, they sometimes think thathappiness in their marriage will be created by somebody else, not bythemselves. They are mistaken. It is their own duty. Both husband and wife mustcreate their future together. A strong marriage does not mean that husband andwife must have similar characters but the ability to understand each other. It’sreally very difficult to keep up a marriage without mutual (взаимный)understanding. All members of the family should trust each other; tell eachother about their joys and sorrows (печали).

Childrenshould love, respect and obey (слушаться)their parents. Their parents should also remember that roleof family in the children’s personality formation is exceptional; no othersocial institution can substitute it. The erosion of family relationsinevitably (неизбежно) leads to thedeformation in the normal children’s development. Cleverand understanding parents always should be ready to help their children andfind the way out.

Housework may take a great deal of people’stime. But if all members of the family help each other, have their specialduties, keeping house won’t be so difficult. To create a happy family is adifficult task, but everything depends on ourselves. Family will be happy onlywhen everyone will think about the happiness of the others.
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