Реферат: Environmental problems


Environmentalprotection is one of the main problems of nowadays. Technological progressimproves people life, but at the same time it causes numerous problems thatwere unimaginable in the past centuries. If we don’t find the way out, ourplanet will die.

Big citiesface the environmental catastrophe. For example, air pollution is caused byincreasing number of cars, heavy traffic causes a lot of air pollution, too.Having more buses would improve public transport in cities and there would be fewercars in the streets. I think people should go on foot more often or use bicycles.

Furthermore,we can see much litter in the cities. As a result of it industrial centerstoday look more like garbage dumps. We mustn’t drop litter because it looks andsmells horrible. If the authorities put bin on every street corner, peoplewouldn’t drop litter so much. We also should try not to buy pre-packaged food.The packaging creates a lot of rubbish.

The necessityto employ all the inhabitants of the city leads to building new factories thatproduce not only consumer goods, but wastes and smog as well. Chemicals fromfactories contaminate atmosphere. Governments can solve this problem by passinglaws to stop factories from polluting air and water. It also should forcefactories to put filters on chimneys. If they did these, our cities would behealthier places to live in. Pollution of water creates a problem of waterdeficit. In fact, over half of the people in the world have to live with watershortages everyday. There are solutions to this problem. We can save the waterfrom our baths and use it for the garden. This would help to keep many littersof water especially in the summer. Governments could stop water companies fromwasting water supplies because of leaking pipes. Many cities have successfullysaved water by repairing pipes.

Another sourceof global danger is an acid rain. It falls as a result of poisonous chemicalsfrom power stations and cars mixing with the moisture in clouds. This toxicmixture then falls as rain which kills trees, plants and pollutes the ground.There are ways to reduce acid rain. Firstly, power stations should stopreleasing so much pollution into the air. Secondly, car drivers should uselead-free petrol. Thirdly, we should use less electricity, and finally, weshould try to use public transport instead of cars.

Moreover,disappearing of many endangered species of animals. Millions of species havealready left from our planet; thousand of others will escape tomorrow. I thinkwe need to teach hunters that it’s wrong to kill animals. Each a worm and abird has each place in an ecological chain. There is one more moral aspect.When we kill animals we damage something in our souls. Today we kill birds;tomorrow we will kill each other.

What is more,destroying forests-lungs of our planet. They were called so because theyproduce oxygen, which is one of our basic needs. Logging companies are cuttingdown rainforests destroying wildlife. But if they planted new trees, rainforestwouldn’t disappear. If we collected and recycled paper, there would be moreforests around.

To sum up, ifpollution of land, air and water continues, the damage caused by all these tonature may become irreversible. Serious actions must be taken now to avoiddisaster.

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