Реферат: Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)


поанглийскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников


Составители учителяанглийского языка

Мануйлова Л.Н., КолпаковаМ.А. 

Данный сборникпредназначен для развития устной речи учащихся старших классовобщеобразовательных школ. Диалоги основаны на лексико-грамматическом материалесовременного английского языка. Они включают так же идиомы, американизмы, чтоповышает заинтересованность учащихся к данным диалогам. Тематика диалоговразнообразна, охватывает различные сферы жизни.


Higher Education

The problem of the court in the USA

Difficult children

Customs and holidays

A problem child

My first teaching experience

TV – a national disease

Family life

The only way to travel is on foot

What makes a good teacher

All happy resemble one another, eachunhappy family is unhappy in it’s

An ideal family – a myth or reality. (Whatis your idea of ideal family?)

Should drug addiction and prostitutionentail legal prosecution? What do you think of the causes of these phenomena?

Married or single?

Books and reading in our life

Television and children

Men make houses, women make homes

Books and reading

Man and music

Customs and holidays in English – speakingcountries

The generation gap: myth or reality? (1)

The generation gap: myth or reality? (2)

Problems and prospects of higher educationin Kazakhstan

Increase in divorce – a global problem (1)

Environmental protection problem (1)

Environmental protection problem (2)

Problems and prospects of higher educationin Kazakhstan (2)

Increase in divorce – a global problem (2)

Customs and holidays in English – speakingcountries.

The stricter the punishment, the lesserthe crime rate, or is it?

The problem of family happiness.

The profession of a teacher




-  I am going to go America to educatethere. How that I am eager to clear up some questions about it. Will you helpme?

-  Of course I’ll do it anyway.

-  Nice of you to say that. First of allI’d like you to explain me. How successful applicants are chosen at colleges atleading universities.

-  I’ll explain it with great pleasure.These applicants are chosen on the basis of a) Their high school records, b)recommendations, c) their scores on the scholastic aptitude tests.

-  Well, I see. But does the system ofhigher education on the us comprise there categories of institution?

-  That’s right. These there categoriesof institutions are: 1) the university, which may contain several colleges forunder graduate students, 2) the technical training institutions, 3) the two –year, or community college.

-  Well, I see! But can be they publicor private?

-  No doubt. These institutions can beprivate or public and it depends on the source of its funding.

-  A future student will have himself infactors determining the quality of education what institutions can you suggestto me?

-  The most selective are the oldprivate north – eastern universities such as Harvard Radcliffe, PrincetonUniversity, and University of Pennsylvania.

-  What can you say about their traditions?

-  Certainly. These traditions make agreat influence on their reputation.

-  What else must Americans also knowabout universities?

-  Everyone has to know informationabout Professional degrees such as a Bachelor of Law, or a Bachelor ofDivinity.

-  I don’t want to annoy you? But I’dlike to know something about the requirements for a Master’s or Doctor’sdegree.

-  You may read more detailedinformation in some handbooks or guides.

-  I see, you are not a chatterbox, youprefer to speak in a short way. But explain me the question about the credits.

-  It depends on the number of hours ofwork involved. They are earned by attending lectures and by successfullycompleting assignments and examinations.

-  Are credits for the academic worktransferable among universities?

-  Yes, they are.

-  Many thanks for your assistance.

-  Don’t mention it. It wasn’t anydifficulty for me.

The problemof the court in the USA


-  Let’s discuss the problem of thecourts in the USA. I know the courts are the overseers of the law. No matterwho the man is, everybody should know something about the court.

-  I quite agree with you. Theyadminister the law, they resolve disputes under it.

-  It each state served by the separatecourt system.

-  Yes, that is so. State and federalsystem are organized into three basic levels of courts i.e. trial courtsintermediate courts of appeal and a high court, or Supreme Court.

-  And what are, the state courtsconcerned with?

-  They are concerned essentially withcases arising under state law.

-  And what about federal ones?

-  Oh, they are concerned with casesarising under federal law.

-  No matter how difficult it is toremember, but I want to know about trial courts more detailed.

-  Will these courts include commonpleas courts, municipal courts, county courts and mayors’ courts?

-  Which of them is the most important?

-  Of course the common pleas court isthe most important. It is the court of general jurisdiction.

-  Any civil on criminal cases may bebrought here, may not they.

-  Yes, of course.

-  How, I see and what about probate anddomestic division.

-  Well, in short the probate divisiondeals with wills and the administration of estates etc. and the domesticdivision deals with divorce, alimony, child custody.

-  This division deserves nothing butgreat attention and what about the juvenile division?

-  This division has jurisdiction overdelinquent, unruly or neglected children and over adults.

-  How do you think what is the main jobof courts.

-  No doubt it is to review casesappealed from trial courts to determine if the law was correctly interpretedand applied.

-  The Supreme Court of each state isprimarily a court of appeal and the court of last resort, isn’t it?

-  Sure, it is.

-  What is the federal court structurelike?

-  It is similar to the structure of thestate court system. The trail courts in the federal system are the U.S.district courts.

-  What is the highest court in thenation?

-  The Supreme Court is the highestcourt in the nation. It consists of a chief justice and eight associatejustices.

-  Whom are they appointed by?

-  They are appointed for life by thePresident with the advice and Consent of the Senate.

-  What is its duty?

-  Its duty is to decide whether lawspassed by the Constitution.

-  I am very pleased to know all this.And I hope it will help me in my future work as a lawyer.



-  This year I’ll graduate from theuniversity. And I am going to work at school. But children are in the firstplace at school. Though they sat I am meant to be a teacher. Sometimes I amafraid of so called “difficult” children.

-  You see, “difficult” children are nota problem in comparison with many other problems.

-  Nevertheless the problem deservesmuch attention of necessary. But one must concentrate all the efforts tounderstand the children, who to some extend are unhappy, who are inclined touse for example, drugs, to destroy order, and waste the greater part of the day.

-  I am glad you to have a shift in youropinion, calling “difficult” children – unhappy. You may absorb muchinformation about youth problems from magazines and newspapers, which confirmthe fact, that working with children 1st of all you are to love themin spite of the fact they are children of awful habits.

-  Well, I understood that to havesuccess in future work with children. I love a way with these children. I’dlike to talk with some experienced teaches who will be able to describe theirlong – termed work with much detail. No doubt, it will be of great importancefor me.

-  You must not only to learn thechildren themselves, but their families as well, who are in a light corner. Youmust be very convincible working with such families.

-  Of course, I want to work at schoolthough I am not so elated but I hope to find good relations with the children,and may be they won’t be “difficult” no longer.

-  Good luck. Really. You are must be ateacher, no difficult frighten you.

Customs andholidays

-  Many people like to celebratedifferent holidays now days. As you know the holidays are different: they maybe – international, national, local, family, political, and cultural andothers. Which of them do you prefer?

-  There is a proverb: My home is my fortress.That is why I like family holidays ordinary though they are.

-  By the way I quite agree with you onaccount of that fact that all the people love their families. First of all welike birthday parties. We prepare for them carefully.

-  Certainly birthday parties – are thepurest ones we put a fortune tree in the living room and decorate it withlanterns, crackers, with birthday wishes.

-  Don’t make haste. Tell about thefortune tree in details.

-  It is not so extraordinary we put abranch of a tree in a bowl. Then hang paper toys, sweets, crakes with wishes init. And everyone is pleased to receive any prize.

-  Great. I see you at your best. Andwhat other family holidays do you celebrate except birthday?

-  Well they are different familyanniversaries: entering school, finishing it, entering the university andgraduation from it, the anniversary of wedding party and so on.

-  Well I see. It is so pleasant to betogether with your relatives to make head or tall the sorrows, the troubles,the happiness of each other. By the way tomorrow is my birthday and I inviteyou.

-  Certainly I’ll come and I want tosuggest you to make place markers for your guests, decorating them with coloredpaper balloons with the name of your guests. I am sure they will know yourparty will be more joyful and interesting.

-  Thanks a lot of. Doesn’t forget:tomorrow at 5 o’clock in the evening. My address is Flat 1. 54 Forest Street.

-  Don’t worry. I‘ll be in time and bythe way I want to clear up know are you about folklore?

-  I like folk dances and songs and Iwant to show you my folk Russian dress.

-  Oh, you have made it yourself!

-  With a help of my relatives. I wantyou to hear Russian folk songs tomorrow. I know many of them. By the way myrelatives can play folk instruments and we have a good time, resting together.

-  It is curious. I hope I’ll like ittoo. I like Russian songs too.

A problem child


— All I canthink is the problem of problem children and problem parents? 

— It makes meangry to hear this why? This theme seems simple if important.

— You set muchstore by this problem.

But you see ifpeople i.e. parents bring up their children there are no problem children.

— I don’tagree. I think the parents should have a very with their children. And it isn’teasy. I can tell you.

— How is thatyou can’t understand that there is nothing to worry about. Children must obeytheir parents. Parent must look after their children. And that is all.

-  I wanted to finish the discussion butI decided not to do, because some pupils are in very different conditions. E.g.their parents are drugs – addicted or have other harmful habits. They got theirchildren rattled.

— I wouldn’tgo so far as to take it5 seriously. Because there are not so many people withharmful habits.

— Look hereunfortunately there are many problem children and problem parents, because ofunpleasant condition in the society: e.g. unemployment, shortage of money, ahigh level of divorces and of course the school is involved in all theseprocesses.

— It’s yourlook out. No doubt there should be two sided. Promotion concerning parents andchildren.

My firstteaching experience


— I’ve heardthat you had passed your first school – practice? What are your impressions?

No matter howdifficult it was, I liked it. But you also had passed the first schoolpractice, hadn’t you?

— Well,frankly speaking it was interesting for me to communicate with schoolchildrenof different ages.

— Now that weare rather experienced we are not annoyed with the process of teaching.

-Really aftermy first school practice I have nothing but satisfaction.

— While beingat practice I fond out that many pupils are smart.

— I’d like totell you about one of the most interesting case during my practice in exchange.

— You arewelcome. I want to reluctant to listen to your story.

— I see youmake a fuss about it?

— Why not?

— Well oneday, the pupils asked me too many questions at the lesson. I was at a loss. Iunderstood that I know not much. I was ashamed.

— The matterwas urgent wasn’t it?

— I decided tostudy very interesting stuff in different spheres.

— What haveyou done?

— I studiedmuch valuable various information.

— What was theresult?

— What broughtabout your relations with children?

— When theyunderstood that I am well educated. They could entrust me.

— Well. Thoughit was our first practice, we realized we could bring the children.

TV – anational disease


— I assure youthat TV has positive and negative influences.

— Certainly Iam not opposed to this question. But I think needn’t worry about it; the TVleadership knows its way about and can find a necessary way out.

— I will saythis for TV it taught me a lot.

— Sure, someTV programmes are valuable. Nowadays cable television, satellite televisionsare widely spread.

— I prefercurrent affairs and nature life programmes.

— I see as tome I am fond sports programmes and sitcoms.

— Of course TVhas much positive influence. It is modern, can be portable, interesting andexciting.

— But from theother hand. TV becomes commercial; there are too many thrillers, soap operasmuch violence.

— And thescreen time is too expensive.

— I am annoyedwith the advertisement.

— So do I. Ithink they should reduce the time of the advertisement.

— No matterhow negative TV seems to be it has great future.

Family life


— In todaysconversation I would like to concentrate of major problems of young couples,because not so long ago my brother has married. First his wife and he weremeant for each other. And now..?

— Well, Imyself am going to marry. And this problem is in the first place for me. Canyou describe with much detail the problems of your married brother?

— When a youngfamily was confirmed by the parents, all the finical problems were out – of –the – way. But then on account of young couple wanted to be independent parentsstopped their support some problems appeared.

— You wanteddrop a hint. They made ends meet.

— Exactly!

— And to avoidthe problems both husband and wife should entrust each other and then theirmarriage will be effective.

— And whatabout love and looking up to.

— Sure. Whenyoung couples find fault with each other their marriage will fail under anycircumstances.

The onlyway to travel is on foot


— I guessthere are some pros and contras of the fast that the only way to travel is onfoot.

— I have myfeet on the ground that travelling on foot is of great importance I don’tobject to travel on foot myself.

— It seems tome you have pos for this kind of traveling. I am not where you like, you maystay at any peace and it is not expensive. You are reluctant resting eithernear the lake or at the river.

— To my mindtraveling on foot is the healthiest way to go about the country because you arenot rattled by the air freshness.

— You drop ahint that it is useful to travel on foot.

— Exactly.

— But anytraveling must have its pros and contras what about the contras of traveling onfoot.

— Certainly.But I ask you not chatter like a magpie.

— Sorry. Butnevertheless don’t wash your hands of the discussion.

— As far as Iam concerned to be out of doors – isn’t very pleasure. The weather may bechangeable, and you may be very tied of going to long.

— I don’t objectto this point of view. But the thing is that you must be very attentive inorder not to be in trouble.


What makesa good teacher?


— The questionabout teaching is more popular than ever.

— Really! Whatan importance it must have been to our society.

— It isbecause of everybody is involved in the process of teaching.

— The firstand most important thing I have to tell you that some people have an informgift for teaching.

— I really doremember that of course a good teacher must have an inform gift for teaching.But not only it!

— You havesome contras of the informal gift don’t you?

— I aminclined that an informal gift as a matter of fact is vital. But I prefer theopinion that the skill of teaching can be taught.

— I don’tshift my ground. I know some examples, when good teachers without necessarypedagogical education, are good teachers indeed. They are teachers by theirorigin. There are meant for being teachers.

This opinionis attractive of interesting. But in comparison with it, the teacher must be aperson of high qualification.

— Thus he mustknow too much.

— So a goodteacher must confirm his high appointment to serve the business of pupils’education.


All happyresemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way


— A GreatRussian poet L. Tolstoy has his own world – knows point of concerning happy andunhappy families. Do you purely consent to it?

— As far as Iam able to judge each family is individual, all the families can’t resemble oneanother.

— Here I differwith you. When the families are full, parents are serious, they earn much tomaintain the families, they take care of their children, and they may resembleeach other.

— I must say Ican see no reason oppose. Perhaps you are right. Really if the parents don’tpay attention to their children, can’t support they families also resemble eachother, i.e. unhappy families also resemble each other.

— The questionis whether we speak about the financial conditions. But I am lost in wonder whyrich families may be happy.

-Sometimes Ialso can’t make head or tail of it. But it seems to me that happiness is notonly in money.

— Thosefamilies, where is agreement, love, respected are happy, but where we have nosuch qualities, we speak of unhappy families.

— Thereforeeach family is a special individual part of the society. Each family has it ownway of development. And it is impossible to divide all the families into thehappy and unhappy ones.


An idealfamily – a myth or reality.

(What isyour idea of ideal family?)


— An idealfamily is more like a myth than reality in modern life?

— I shouldnever have thought that discussion the problem of the ideal family is such adifficult thing.

— May be it’sreally purely a matter of taste!

— Speaking mymind and ideal family is a myth, because an ideal family can’t be in ordinarylife.

— It’sprecisely what I am going to speak about. Every family has always someproblems.

— Unfortunately many members of the family don’t stir a finger to help each otherand that is why there are problems. And an ideal family can’t exist in reality.

— Perhaps weshouldn’t judge so bitterly. I know some families where there is love;understanding and respect i.e. there are ideal families. It’s reality.

— An idealfamily is a lifetime dream, because a family can’t exist isolated independentlyfrom the society. And there is ideal society. So an ideal family is a myth tomy mind.

— Don’t be sopessimistic. As far as I am concerned every person creates his own fate. Ifthere is a purpose of creating and ideal family you may have it. Everythingdepends on us ourselves. If we believe in positive and try to do the best forit, everything will be OK.

— Tastesdiffer. But I quite agree with you that we ourselves can create and idealfamily.

Should drugaddiction and prostitution entail legal prosecution?

(What doyou think of the causes of these phenomena?)

— No matterhow hard the question about drug addiction and prostitution is, we couldn’tignore it, because at present these processes are more popular than we wouldlike to have.

— Exactly. Mypersonal opinion is that it goes even further than that I can’t agree withthose who denies legal prosecution of drug addiction and prostitution.

— But why? Ifsome people want to deal with it perhaps let them do it!

— I’m not sureyou are right about it. These things are immoral, they are harmful for people.We can’t forget about it.

— Here I differwith you. As it is known “Forbidden fruit is always sweet” Many people,especially young, try to use something. Extraordinary.

— I aminclined to think that you approve it? I must say I can see no reason to agree.Drug addiction and prostitution demonstrate the lowest qualities of the person.The society must help people to avoid these habits.

— But as faras understand. It is not easy to breakaway drug addiction and prostitution.

— Sure. Firstof all the person himself must realize the necessity to have a healthy way oflife.

— And manypeople: relatives, friends, doctors are also involved in this difficultsituation.

— Therefore inmy opinion, there’s no place for prostitution and drug addiction in thesociety.


Married orsingle?


— Mycongratulations, to your recent marriage. I’d like to know whether you makehaste or not?

— As far ascan realize I didn’t commit an error. I really lost my heart to my husband.

— You want tosay that you are meant for each other.

— I want toremind you of the fact that practically we my husband and me were acquainted formany years. And we hadn’t any confusion.

— So you dropa hint, that being married is better than being single?

— I don’t dropa hint. I know exactly, where you have a family with a favorite person you arelucky.

— It seems tome you don’t have the least notion of some disadvantages being married.

— Of courseI’m married not so long ago, but I don’t want to think about the disadvantagesconcerning marriage.

— You are soinspired! But I’m not embarrassed that I’m single.

— Well, Now Iunderstand why you are again marriage because you single.

— Don’t havesuch a rough tongue. But I want to open your eyes to some couple problems. Idon’t want to marry, until I understand that my future spouse is my real secondhalf.

— Butaccording to you people mustn’t marry at all.

— Of course,tastes are differ! Some people fail in marriage, some fail being alone.

— I suggestwhen you are alone, you are unhappy, and when you have somebody’s love, care’children you can’t be unhappy 1 that is you must be married.


Books andreading in our life


— In spite ofthe new information technologies books take an important part in our life, Ican tell you.

— What yousay’s perfectly true I am also sure that reading is a source of information.

— You may beright, but I think it goes further than that, a lot of further. Readingreflects all the processes in our life.

— The point isthat while reading you may feel all the events yourself.

— If you wereasked to advise something to read, what would you choose?

— What Ichoose is connected with classic!

— Would liketo add modern literature to your choice.

— Perhaps itis an excellent opportunity to be well – informed.

— Andsometimes reading is more like a refuge for the lonely, when you want to forgeteverything and everybody.

— You areright in a way. It is necessary to be alone in some situations.

— Is and isreading taken up as a pastime?

— As to mereading is a wonderful pastime.

— What, whatis reading really for you?

— It’s animportant source of information for me I can tell you.

Televisionand children

— I think thatnowadays television is the apple of our eyes.

— Do youreally mean it?

— Yes, there’snothing I like more than television.

— But I mustsay I am not too found of television.

— Why, isn’tthat lovely?

— I am afraid televisionhas some negative influence especially on children?

— What do youmean!

— First of allit is at a great sacrifice to children’s health.

— Really manyparents can’t do a thing with their children. They won’t give up watching TVtoo much.

-Then childrenare involved in many adult actions such as violence, cruelty, etc.

— But incomparison with their information technologies. It is not so harmful!

— As far as Iam able to judge, of course television has some positive influence first ofall. There are interesting educational programmes.

— Now thereare some children channels, eg. “Telenynya”, “Children world” which can parentsbrining the children up.

— And aboutthe cultural development.

— Here youhave my whole support!

So the pointis that there should be measure in everything. Parents should regulate the timeand the content of watching.


Men makehouses, women make homes


As far as I am concernedthe proverb “Men make houses, women make home is quite just.

— We shouldtake into account that a man must do his best in order not to make ends meet.

— Well, as amatter of fact, a man must be able to give everything for his wife and childrento live without problems. It concerns the material and the spiritual aspects.

-I think, Ishould point out the real family is based not only on the material aspect!

-In fact thehome comfort is also of great importance. And just a woman is involved in it.

— You arequite right discomfort makes a man angry.

— And thenmany problems appear which may result in disgust or even in divorce.

-But I thinkall these problems avoidable if both men and women put wise about their familylife.

— All I cansay is if people want to have good relations in their families they shouldcarry out the duties, according to their appointment: a man should build andsupport his house. A woman should take care of her home.

Books andreading


-  Reading is very important and useful,I can tell you.

-  I quite agree with you. I am notopposed to your opinion. Now is that everybody is interested in reading.

-  Well, you see. Books suit us down tothe ground from the very childhood. Where children like to read fairy tales.Which teach the people to be kind, since frank?

-  And when we begin to have our feet onthe ground books teach us to live in serious life. As you know books aredifferent; they may be documentary, or books about adventures, about love,about nature, and of course there is much scientific literature.

-  No doubt. Books cover a lot ofground. Books are our good friends I can tell you.

-  It comes about that there are manyown, private libraries full of wonderful, interesting books. By the way haveyou a home library?

-  Yes, and I have some very ancientcopies. Many generations of our family collected books. And I am proud of mycollection I have some handbooks, different encyclopedias. I like to sit in thearmchair and to read in silence, looking at the table lamp light.

-  So do I. In flesh the books help usmuch. We are together during the whole life. Oh pardon me, my time is up. I amin a hurry. Our conversation was interesting for both.

-  Well see you. If you find any ancientcopy of the book, phone me, I’ll be very pleased to come by it.


Man andmusic


-  Many factors influence on thepersonality’s development and one of them is music. To bring a conclusion Imust say that music and our life can’t exist separately.

-  There is something special in the wayyou speak.

-  On the contrary. It is not special.Really music is with us constantly. It may be serious, funny, sad, joy, it cancontrol our feelings our mood, it can maintain us, it can cause sorrow,enjoyment etc.

-  Well, to my satisfaction I’m glad tolisten to your words. Because before our conversation I almost ignored music.Interesting or not I was indifferent to music. But now I change my mind and Iam sure that I can set my mind on music.

-  I think to achieve it you need tohave many music literatures, records at hand.

-  I shall try my hand to do it.

-  This will be the most I can expect ofyou.

-  Nice of you to say that I’ll try todo my best.

-  You are so persistent. You suffer noembarrassment.

-  Sure. I’ll eat out of my hand. Thengood luck to you.

-  Seriously speaking I thing I’ll tryto understand the importance of music on the man’s life.

Customs andholidays in English – speaking countries


-  I heard there are some interestingcustoms and holidays in Great Britain. I would like you to remind me of some ofthem.

-  Why not tell you about Christmas.It’s a wonderful holiday; I can tell you First of all, when is it celebrated?What is it taken up with?

-  It is regularly celebrated on the 25thof December and it is taken up with the New Year coming.

-  I guess it is not an ordinaryholiday.

-  Yes, you are quite right. EveryEnglishman is fussy about Christmas.

-  You want to say that people losetheir heads waiting for Christmas.

-  That’s it. Every family has aChristmas tree, prepares famous turkey and looks forward Boxing Day, it is onDecember 26. When everybody receives Christmas presents. Except this holidaythere are some others in English speaking countries: Bonfire Night, May Day,Thanksgiving Day (in America) Independence Day etc. but as far as I amconcerned Kazakhstan has also many customs and holidays? Can you tell mesomething?

-  With pleasure. There are many ofvalued holidays in my country. One of them is certainly Nauriz.

-  When did It come into existence?

-  You see, it is a very ancientholiday. But up to date we didn’t know much about it. But when our countryreceived independence. Naurizbecame one of the most well – known andfavourite holidays in our Republic.

-  When it is celebrated and what doesit mean.

-  It is celebrated on March, 22 andmeans the spring coming.

-  I am inclined to think, that thereare some special preparations for it?

-  You are quite right. The families gettogether, cook tasty national dishes, and organize different sport and musiccompetions.

-  What are the others customs andholidays. Are any of them?

-  No doubt! They are: Independence Day,The Day of Republic, interesting wedding customs, and others.

-  Well, I see, our countries have manyinteresting events and to my mind. It is useful to exchange them.

Thegeneration gap: myth or reality? (1)


-  Interviewer: The question is whetherthere is the generation gap.

-  Psychologist: I think the generationgap isn’t myth it’s reality.

-  I must say I can see no reason tooppose. To my mind this gap has been forever.

-  But from the point of view ofpsychology the gap concerns the psychological changes in the society. Thesociety itself changes greatly and the people’s characters are changed too.

-  The values constantly change what fitin the past that does not fit in the present as a matter of fact.

-  As a matter of fact parents incomparison with children understand all the events in their way, but thechildren understand these events in their way.

-  Nevertheless the parents are alwayselated by their children in spite of all their larks.

-  You are right quite. It is determinedpsychologically. Real parents always sympathize with their children.

-  All I am trying to say that there isa real generation gap. It will be in all the times.

-  You have my whole support, but thereis only one hope for it. Both sides will patient and try to do their best tounderstand and help each other.

Thegeneration gap: myth or reality? (2)


Interviewer: Good afternoon! I want toask you several questions about the generation gap: myth or reality?

Apsychologist: Good afternoon, I suppose the generation gap is reality.

Interviewer:Why doyou think?

Apsychologist: Because we havethe difficult child is the child who is unhappyconsequence. He is at war with the world and his parents.

Interviewer:What arethe usual arguments put forward against giving more freedom to the child?

Apsychologist: The usual argument against freedom for children is this: life is hard,and parents must train the children so that they will fit into life later on.

Parents musttherefore discipline them.

Interviewer:Why is itwrong to pressure a child into obedience?

Apsychologist: Fear can be a terrible thing in a child’s life. Only hate can flourish inthe atmosphere of fear.

Interviewer:Howshould the new generation be brought up?

Apsychologist: It seems to me it’s clear that we should bring up the next generationwith a greater respect for law and for other people’s rights.

Problemsand prospects of higher education in Kazakhstan.


-  I’d like to go behind the educationin Kazakhstan.

-  First of all I want to mention, thatthe expenses for education are not reduced they constantly continue toincrease.

-  You drop a hint that the level ofhigh education because better.

-  I don’t hint, I say trustingly. Ithink computerization produced a great effect on education.

-  You mean education because moreefficient!

-  Well, I think that higher educationin Kazakhstan is no worse than abroad.

-  Really. From year to year the levelof education comes along!

-  Of course the information technologytakes are important part in education. But the thing is that valued teaches arealso necessary.

-  I don’t object to this point of view.But we can’t notice the problems in education.

-  May be you are right. I know thatthere are several problems.

-  Can you name some of them?

-  The thing is that there are manysmall institutions of one direction. And then the leavers can’t find job.

-  I also think the system ofcontrolling students’ knowledge should be remade.

-  Here I support you completely. Thestudents must have strong knowledge in order to be competitive with thestudents all over the world.

Increase indivorce – a global problem (1)


-  The problem of divorce is serious,believe me:

-  To my satisfaction. I am not going todivorce. But many of my friends are involved in this problem.

-  How do you think what are the reasonsof divorces?

-  As far as I can judge when peoplestop living without love their marriage has no future.

-  When on one hand the spouses try tolive together because of their children or on the other hand they are afraid ofdivorce their marriage has no future either.

-  But I want to point out, why there isno more love or regard?

-  Yes, this question serves greatattention. I think both wife and husband mustn’t wash their hands of differentfamily problems. It is the way of avoiding the quarrels.

-  And I want to remind you a proverb“Men make houses, women make homes“. If this proverb really acts, there arefewer causes for divorce.


Environmentalprotection problem (1)


-  What is your point of view ofenvironmental protection problem?

-  Unfortunately, but today there is noclean place left.

-  Yes, the more we build now factories,and try not to look after nature the more polluted places we have.

-  I have no reason to oppose. Manytrees are cut down now. Our towns are full of litter.

-  And air leaves much to be desired.

-  You must be on the safe side, whenyou swim in the river,or in the sea, because bottom and the wateritself may be polluted.

-  Environmental problem is of greatimportance for our health.

-  Do you mean virus infection? They maybe dangerous for all living livings.

-  I dream that coast will be clear andwe live in healthy environment.

-  As far I am concerned our authoritiesdon’t ignore this problem. They try to solve this problem.

-  How is it done!

-  First of all. New trees are grown,i.e. the forests are restored.

-  And the factories put their wastesinto environment less and.

-  Glad to hear it.

-  Perhaps you might considermea bit of a fanatic about environment protection!

-  I don’t think so. But you are thesort of ordinary person wants to help all of us.

-  Today this problem must be in thefirst place. We are in search such measures which can really help to protectenvironment.

-  I also don’t shift my ground in thisquestion.

-  The more people understand thenecessity of environment protection the better results we can have.

-  You quite right in your decision.


Environmentalprotection problem (2)


-  About two hundred tears ago man livedin far way with nature, because, industry was not much developed.

-  Anyway today the contradictionbetween man and nature are dramatic. What can you say about the ecologicalproblems?

-  Every year world industry throws outinto atmosphere about 1000 million tons of dust and otherharmful substances.Forests are disappearing; the pollution of the air, ocean, seas, and riverscould lead our planet to a global catastrophe.

-  What should we do?

-  The Earth is our home that is why wemust take care of it, for ourselves and for the next generations. We must haveall people keeping our environment clean.

-  How was it that Lake Baikal and itsshores have been declared a specially protected zone of the country?

-  More than twenty years ago a pulp –and – paper factory was built on the shore of lake of the water pollution; morethen 50 per cent of the world’s purest water have been rained.

-  What shouldn’t we do?

-  We shouldn’t use cars a lot throwlitter into the streets, cut trees, plants, trees and pick flowers. This wasthe most I can say.

-  Thank you very much I learned muchfrom or your interesting interview.

-  I have nothing but gratitude for youbecause you affected very global problems in Kazakhstan.


Problemsand prospects of higher education in Kazakhstan

-  I learned much from newspapersrestricted though they were anyway the first problem is group for giftedchildren. The second problem of higher education is payment for instruction.

-  What do you think about educationprogramme?

-  I have nothing but pity the students.Because our programme is not effective maintenance of educational programmes.

-  I suppose they were meant by teacherswith law qualification. This was the most I can say.

-  I’ll say this for you. You were verywell.

-  Thank you. I busy or not. I alwaysfind time for our education.

Increase indivorce – a global problem (2)


-  Good afternoon! How are you?

-  Hello. I am fine and you?

-  Today I learned much from that newsabout increase in divorce restricted though they were. I think it is a goodproblem.

-  I agree with you. I can notunderstand how it was that young family divorce after one month their jointlife?

-  I have nothing but pity for thesecouples. I suppose there are the essential causes of divorce.

-  You are quite right! Little did theyguess what they had many problem after marriage.

-  What do you think about kind ofcauses of divorce?

-  Anyway I know two causes. The firstis a character when the wife hasn’t her husband help her with kid or homework.When husband is thinking there is something in the way be drying the floor.

-  I sure you are right. I want to tellyou that second cause is a money and absence of job. Because I suppose if thanmarriage he must provide his family. And the young coups must that they meantfor understand each other.

Customs andholidays in English – speaking countries.


-  Customs and holidays in the urbancommunity are of great importance for everyone.

-  I think no matter who the man mightbe he must know customs and holidays his country. What holidays do you know?

-  Anyway, I think such holidays as: theday of the town. Independence Day professional holiday are celebrated in manyfamilies.

-  Well, I see but how can they becelebrated?

-  First of all, music concerts creativeparties, fireworks are done on such holidays.

-  If we speak about family customs, wemay pay attention to celebrations round the family table. When people may visittheir relatives or friends.

-  I’ll say this for families who havetheir own customs i.e. commemorative dates: when the families try to gettogether.

-  Wherever you lived you must knowcustoms and holidays of your town and your family.

-  Yes, if you remember the holidaysfuture life may exist.

-  Now that we talk about this theme Ican say there are some wonderful holidays created and celebrated by people.

-  I think they were meant forhappiness.

Thestricter the punishment, the lesser the crime rate, or is it?


-  It’s a tough decision to make, isn’tit? Don’t you think that it’s an awful responsibility to have the future ofthat lad in our hands? I feel so sorry for him, he’s not yet 21.

-  Come off it! You can‘t be serious! Hedidn’t just take the money, he also beat up own child. He’s guilty it iswritten all over his face. It’s our social duty to care of car children.

-  I agree with your last statement butsurely you admit the evidence for convicting this young man is rather flimsy? Wouldn’tyou say that we need something more definite?

-  Anyway, that’s quite true, but thereweren’t any other witnesses. As I see it he had the motive, he has no alibi andhis child recognized him.

-  Hang on a minute. I’d like to pointout that he only thought he recognized him. Isn’t it just possible that ascared little boy of 5 could have been mistaken?

-  Fair enough, but it’s all we have togo on. All the fingers seem to point at him.

-  That may be, but strong suspicionisn’t enough to put someone in person. If you ask me, even if he is guilty, theshock of arrest and coming to trialwill be enough to stop him makingthe same mistake again.

-  I see what you mean, I think thestricter the punishment the lesser the crime rate I suppose no matter who theman might be he must love his children but them.

-  I was just going to pass verdict whensuddenly I decided not to. I decided to punish him with help to fine.

-  You are right. The stricter thepunishment is the lesser the crime rate rather than simple punishment.


The problemof family happiness

-  Hello my friend. How are you?

-  Thank, you I’m fine and you.

-  That’s all right. I heard you goingto marry.

-  Yes. Therefore I want to ask youabout ups and of a family life.

-  There is something admiring. Youunderstand that you were meant for each other. But after marriage you couldn’tpossibly understand what do you must do that your family life will happiness.

-  New that you are married. Tell meplease about problem of family life. Well, I suppose that the first problem ishomework, because I work every day.

-  What about your wife?

-  Probably she hasn’t a job.

-  No, she has a job.

-  Why do you help her?

-  I think no matter that you work youmust help her.

-  I suppose the homework that wasevidently meant to wives.

-  OK, what kind of problem do you knowyet?

-  Money. Now that increase costs ourstinks increase too. I want to tell you about ups of a family life it is hadcareers and job; birth of baby to earn enough to live on.

-  Thank you. I learned much from you.

Theprofession of a teacher

-  Dear daughter let’s discuss choice ofprofession for you. What kind of profession do you like?

-  Mamma I’d like the profession of ateacher.

-  I’m very glad that you have justchosen this profession.

-  No mamma I can tell you I want tobecome a teacher.

-  How was it that you had never spokenabout it with me anyway?

-  I knew that you’ll ask me about myprofession. I think I am meant for children I love them very much and I want toteach them.

-  My dear daughter I have nothing butadmiration for you for your words. I am proud of you.

-  Thank you mamma I’d say this to myteachers they were kind souls.

-  I know whether your teachers werebusy or not they always find time for us.

-  You are right, but I thank to youbecause you supported me without you I couldn’t possibly take my decision.


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