Реферат: American holidays

There are a number of holidays in the USA which are celebratedevery year. Here are some of them.

The 1st of January is New Year's Day. People do not go to beduntil after midnight on December 31. They like to see “the old year out and thenew year in”. Many people give parties on New Year's Eve.

Memorial Day, or Decoration Day, is dedicated to those who foughtin the War of Independence, in World War I or in World War II.

The 4th of July is Independence Day. It is the biggest nationalholiday in the USA. The Declaration of Independence was proclaimed inPhiladelphia on July 4, 1776, when the American colonies were fighting forindependence against England.

On the 11th of November there is Veteran's Day. It is I dedicatedto those who fell in the two World Wars.

Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday in November. In theautumn of 1621, the Pilgrim Fathers celebrated their first harvest festival inAmerica and called it Thanksgiving Day. Since that time it has been celebratedevery year.

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. People usuallystay at home at Christmas time, and spend the day with their families.

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