Реферат: Typical student

Who are they and how they look? In thestreets, in parks, cafes, on discos, everywhere you can see young peoplestanding together and talking about something with great interest. What arethey talking about? They talk about studying, music, clothes and about money,which will finish soon. But in spite of the problem they are never sad. At thesame time students walk in town, go to cafes, discos and concerts.

Students become friends very fast andforever. Perhaps later when they meet they'll talk about how they are glad tosee each other how they were missing and call each other brother, thought theywere studying in different groups and saw each other only during the entranceexams. But this will be in future.

And now there are some different types ofstudents. One part does nothing but study. Others have time for studying andfor things they love to do. Someone likes going in for sport, some are fond ofplaying computer games, other like singing or dancing and so on. And there aresome students who don't want to study and want to graduate the university withgood and excellent marks.

Students wear everything that iscomfortable to them. They listen to different types of music. Pop, rock, rapthese are only few types they listen to. And all students like sleeping. Sothey are very different.


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