Реферат: Michael Lermontov

Michael Lermontov bas born on the 15th ofOctober 1814 in a noble family. The poet spent his youth at Tarkany. He enteredMoscow University, but very soon had to leave it. Then he entered St.Petersburg School of Cavalry Cadets and finished it.

In 1837 the poet was exiled to the Caucasusfor his poem on Pushkin's death in which he put all the blame for it on theruling circles of Russia under Nicolas I. In 1841 Lermontov was sent into exileto the Caucasus for the second time. As a result of intrigues by the officershe was provoked into a personal quarrel with an old schoolfellow, which led tothe duel. On July 15, 1841 the poet was killed.

Lermontov began writing when he was veryyoung. One of his first writings to be published was his tale verse HadjiAbrek. But Lermontov became famous for his poem on the death of Pushkin. WhetherLermontov chose to write poetry, prose or drama the stamp of his genius wasalways to be found on it.

Lermontov's poems «The Demon»,«Mtsyri» and the «Lay of the Merchant Kalashnikov», hisinnumerable lyrics, his novel «A Hero of Our Time» and his play«Masquerade» are masterpieces of Russian literature. Lermontov'spoems are the profession of faith of an independent and free man.


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