Реферат: Subculture

Young people have a particular relationshipwith the world. There are many groupings (subcultures) that have interestsdifferent from those of the mainstream culture. A particular cultural groupingis a way for young people to express their individuality (identity). By themid-60s teenagers had begun to form distinct cultural groupings. Most youngpeople in Britain follow some kind of youth culture: rocker, hacker, raver,skinhead, hippies, Goth, punk, baker…

Why do teens choose a subculture?

A subculture is a way of life. It isn’t afan club, it’s a real life. It seems to them that the parents are alwayssaying: No! That everything about them: their hair, their music, clothes, theway they talk, their dreams are considered bad by grown-ups. The young peopleare unsure of where they are going. So it’s a way of having something that theycan say they belong to and that they are “whatever”.

Often young people do something not becausethey want to do it. They do things because everybody around does or becausethey think it’s impolite to refuse.

The inspiration to form a youth culturecomes out of a combination of fashion, style and music. A subculture is groupwith a distinct style and identity. Different subcultures have their ownbeliefs, values, fashions…

Nevertheless, members of differentsubcultures may have something similar in their image, behavior, etc…

Some people think that all subcultures areawful. And I think this opinion is absolutely right/is all wrong.


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