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When we want to buy something, we go to ashop. In my early childhood goingshopping was a holiday for me, especially when my Cranny took me with her. Iknew for sure, I would get a sweet or a bar of chocolate or an ice-cream, allthe things I enjoyed greatly.

Recently, shopping is no fun any longer, butmy daily duty. And as all duties it istiresome sometimes. I dream to be an economist, and maybe this dream printed onmy approach to shopping. I try to be rational and economical. Once in a TVprogramme titled “A Consumer’s Basket” I heard some rules of behaviour whileshopping and since then I try to follow them. Here they are. First of all it isnecessary to make a shopping list of what we need. Then we should calculate howmuch our purchases would cost and take this very sum of money with us. The thirdrule tells that we shouldn’t be hungry while shopping, a hungry person buys thethings his or her stomach dictates to buy, not thinking about prices orrational nutrition. And we shouldn’t go shopping immediately after we have gotour salary, when we feel impressed by a large sum of money and don’t think it’sfor a long month to last, not for a short moment when we feel rich andalmighty.


Everyday shopping is rather traditional:some white and brown bread, some milk, butter, sugar, salt, eggs, some sausageof frankfurters. But it’s not necessaryto visit different provisional shops such as bakery, grocery or butchery to buyfood for the family because we could buy foodstuffs in a supermarket. Differentgoods are sold under one roof, so customers can save their time having allgoods bought in no time.

The method of shopping may very. In a self-serviceshop a customer goes from counter to counter selecting and putting into abasket or trolley the goods he wants to buy. It’s absolutely necessary to checkthe dates before which this or that foodstuff should be used, not to buysomething of bad quality. Then a customer takes the basket to the check-outcounter where the prices of the purchases are added up. If it’s not aself-service shop and most small shops aren’t, the shop-assistant helps thecustomer in finding and getting what he wants. After paying money to thecashier the customer can get his purchases.

Every day before leaving for school I look around thekitchen to see what we need. And on my way from school I drop into the nearestsupermarket, fortunately enough it’s not far from my house, and buy bread andother everyday essentials. Every Friday evening my Mum and I examin our kitchenmore carefully as Saturday is our shopping day. The shopping list is ratherlong, so we both go shopping.

Mum and I go to the supermarket where we can buydifferent things at once: fish, bread, sausages, flour, tea, sugar, spices,eggs. I think that a bakery department is among the best in the shop as it hasa rich choice of rolls, buns and biscuits. And what is more importable they arealways fresh and tasty. We all have a sweet tooth, so we never miss theconfectionery, where we usually buy sweets, candies, chocolate bars, cakes andso on.

Another department of the supermarket, which we haveto visit, is a dairy. At the dairy we buy milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, butterand other products. My Mum and I are regular customers at the greengrocer’swhere potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beetroots, oranges, applesand other fruits and vegetables are sold. But frankly speaking in summer weprefer buying fruits, berries and vegetables at the nearest market. They arefresher and cheaper there.

At the butcher’s there’s a wide choice of meat andpoultry, such as beef, pork, mutton, chicken and turkey. It’s really a greatskill to choose a piece of meat you need, for soup or for chops or shashlyk, soit’s my Mum who is to buy meat. I’m still to learn a lot in this sphere ofshopping.

Different cereals, flour, sugar, salt, tea, coffee,different spices can be found at the grocery. (Add the essay “The NearestShop”)

Sometimes, not very often I should admit, Ihave to go to a department store. Any department store, true to its name, iscomposed of a number of departments where customers can buy everything theylike: fabrics and footwear, china and glass, ready-made clothes and cosmetics,toys and electric appliances, furniture and sport goods, cameras and films, andwhat not. Nowadays some larger department stores contain a supermarket andcoffee shops where customers can have a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Goods aredisplayed in the attractive window displays so even before entering we see agreat amount of goods of high quality ready to meet our tastes and needs. Butfrankly speaking my family and I prefer buying at the market, as it is cheaperthere. Very often we have a richer choice of goods there as well.

I can’t but say that our shops are becomingmore and more European-like. Their halls, shelves, adverts attract morecustomers. Long queues are little by little disappearing from our life andshopping gets some element of fun and entertainment.


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