Реферат: Human rights

Human rights are those rights and privileges, which belong to anyman. Typical elements on any list of basic human rights will be, for example,the rights tofreedom of speech information, religion, the right to family life,the to liberty, education, equality before the law and to a nationality. Thelist of these rights varies from thinker to thinker. Since the Second World Warthere have been several official listings. The two most prominent are probablythe United Nations Charter of Human Rights and the European Declaration ofHuman Rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a charter of civiland political rights drawn by the UN in 1948. The European Convention of HumanRights dates back to 1950. Under the Convention the European Commission ofHuman Rights was established with the headquarters in Strasburg, France. ThisCommission investigates complaints of state or individuals.

Civil rights are those rights, which are protected constitutionallyas fundamental rights that everyone should enjoy. They fall into twocategories: basic human rights and political rights. The political rightsinclude the right to freedom of speech, to form and join a trade union, toprotest in public against government policy. These rights are vital for anyhealthy and liberal society. Everyone has rights including you.

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