Реферат: The English Countryside

There is nothing grandiose about the English landscape. There are noimpressive mountain ranges (the highest point in England Scafell Pike in theLake District, is only 3, 210 feet above sea-level); no fjords or majesticwater-falls, no glaciers or fields of eternal snow, no vast forests or riversof impressive length (the Thames is 210 miles from its source in the Cotswoldsto (its mouth).

Seen from the air the countryside of much of England appears like apatchwork quilt, owing to the criss-cross hedges that separate one field fromanother. This suggests that the hand of man has done a great deal to shape therural scene, and this is so.

Maybe that is why so much of what is most pleasing to the eye isparkland, green fields with ancient oaks, a perfect setting for the many lovelycountry houses that are one of England's finest features.

At one time large areas of England were covered with thick forests,mainly of oak, but gradually these were cut down, partly to provide timber forships. There are still quite large areas of woodland left, such as the NewForest, the Forest of Dean, just as there are large expanses of fairly wild anddesolate country — Dartmoor, Exmoor and the Yorkshire Moors are typicalexamples -and efforts are constantly being made to ensure that they arepreserved.

The Lake District in the north-west, famous as the home of the LakePoets, of whom William Wordsworth is probably the best known, is another areaof great beauty, of lakes and mountains and valleys, which is still relatively unspoilt.

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