Реферат: Essay on the article Tobacco and Tolerance: Blowing smoke (о вреде курения)

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on the article“Tobacco and Tolerance: Blowing smoke”.


   Not onlylabour made man differ from a monkey, but also care and attention to his fellowcreatures. This is the main point of human relations and the basis of humanbeing. Animals are first of all competitors with each other, and they do nothave an instinct to help their neighbours and to think about their safety. Theonly exception is their own cubs.

   Similarly, asa father and mother take care of a small child who does not yet have his ownopinion on what is good and what is bad, who do not even know, that manyseemingly innocent things harm his health greatly and cause strong addiction.Even when a child realises that, it is very hard for him to make the rightdecision. And if we consider such thing as smoking, the only right decision isnot to start it. One may argue that whether to smoke or not is the privatedecision of every person and no one might impose his point of view to someone.I agree with this statement, but not always this principle provides us with asolution to the problem of social wellbeing. People make a lot of decisionsconnected with great risks like motorcycle riding, parachute jumping, smoking, takingdrugs and so on. Some of these things have unalterable consequences, which makepeople regret they have made these decisions during the rest of their lives.The only thing they should ask themselves is whether this thing is worthrisking. The fewer would be the number of activities that greatly harm humanhealth, and above all, of these, which are not worth risking like smoking, thebetter it would be for the health of all humanity. The exceptions are suchthings as scuba diving or mountain climbing and other, because they can bejustified from many reasons and they are not simple and stupid self-poisoning.I do not agree with the author of the article “Tobaccoand Tolerance: Blowing smoke” that smoking is not a social problem but aprivate one and the anti-smoking program should be minimized. Those people, whohave already started and have become addicted to ‘the grayish-blue fumes’ can’tfully realize, why do they take this great risk, still acknowledging that thisharms their health, and it is hard for them to give up smoking without outsidehelp. For this noble purpose there should always exist those people who canclearly realize this enormous threat as third persons with their unaddictedminds. They should never stop such hard and unappreciated occupations asdifferent anti-smoke programs and, whether smokers want it or not, they shouldtry to pull them out of this ‘gray and poisonous swamp’. This can be done bydifferent government merciless limitations of tobacco producing companies,tobacco advertisements, restricting places for smoking to minimum and so on.That is why smoking is a problem of the whole society, despite some of itsmembers think that it is not, because healthy persons form a healthy society.

   Smoking causes (or, ifsomeone would be lucky, it might cause) many different illnesses like lung andmouth cancer, heart disease, oral cavity. In general, the risk of developing atobacco-related cancer depends on the intensity of the habit as determined by aduration of the smokinghabit, a number of cigarettes smoked per day, atar content of the cigarette, and the depth of inhalation. Cigarette smoking isnot only related to the development of lung cancer but also affects thedevelopment of cancer of the bladder, oral cavity, and esophagus. Anon-smoker’s inhalation of smoke produced by smokers in an enclosed space alsoappears to heighten the risk of developing lung cancer. That is why the problemof passive smoking is also very actual and to avoid harmful consequences,governments of all countries ought to enlarge the development of a program ofmaking isolated places for smokers to enjoy their dangerous toys without anyharm to other people.

   Afterthe major medical revelations about smokingduring the 1950s and '60sthere was an increasing attempt to lessen the influence of tobacco advertisingin several countries. Cigarette manufacturers in Canada agreed to endtelevision advertising in 1972 after a bill to effect that end was passed inthe Commons. In West Germany television advertising of cigarettes was to bephased out by the end of 1972.And as a result, the rate of smoking in Americahas declined from more than 40% to about 25% and the number of ex-smokers hastrebled. This was the great victory of anti-smoking programs. 

   In fact, atobacco-producing industry is very profitable, and of course, these companiestry to find or sometimes to invent some evidences and reasons why people needto use their harmful production. I believe that the anti-smoking programs causegreat losses to them, and someday they will succeed and it would not beprofitable for producers to continue operating any more.

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