Реферат: The Crimea


These southern territories were annexed in the lateXVIIth century by Katherine the Great. And nowadaysNovorossiysk is one of the largest Russian ports.

At the foothills of huge mountains there are a lotof hotels and places for having rest. Thousands of Soviet people attracted bythe Black Sea to come here as vacationers could buy a putyovka, a trade unioncertificate for room and board. People could buy it for a small percentage ofits actual cost. That’s why most of the Soviet people could enjoy theirholidays at the seashore.

Fishermen canstill be found here. They don’t have a large catch in summer. During a hightourist season they have enough fish only to feed themselves. The catch isbetter in winter, only then they can sell their fish. But even in summer theyenjoy going into the sea and admire its beauty.

Fruit treesflourish on fertile soils of this region. Fruits are picked up, canned and sentto other regions of Russia where the growing season is not long enough to letfruit ripen.

The lime-richsoil is especially favourable for growing grapes that are used in theproduction of sparkling wine. Champaign almost tops the list of favouritealcoholic beverages drunk by Russian people, especially on festive occasions.The champagne making process is rather long. First of all the wine is left toferment, it may age from 18 months to 5 years. The top of the bottle where thesediment lies is frozen, then the bottle is opened and once the sediment isout, the bottle is recouped and secured with wire.

Alexander V.Myskin, gr. 2o1

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