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Futurism,Italian Futurismo, Russian Futurism, an early20th-century artistic movement that centred in Italy and emphasized thedynamism, speed, energy, and power of the machine and the vitality, change, andrestlessness of modern life in general. The most significant results of themovement were in the visual arts and poetry.

Futurismwas first announced on Feb. 20, 1909, when the Paris newspaper Le Figaropublished a manifesto by the Italian poet and editor Filippo Tommaso Marinetti(q.v.). The name Futurism, coined by Marinetti, reflected his emphasis ondiscarding what he conceived to be the static and irrelevant art of the pastand celebrating change, originality, and innovation in culture and society.Marinetti's manifesto glorified the new technology of the automobile and thebeauty of its speed, power, and movement. He exalted violence and conflict andcalled for the sweeping repudiation of traditional cultural, social, andpolitical values and the destruction of such cultural institutions as museumsand libraries. The manifesto's rhetoric was passionately bombastic; its tonewas aggressive and inflammatory and was purposely intended to inspire publicanger and amazement, to arouse controversy, and to attract widespreadattention.

Movementin art, music, and literature begun in Italy about 1910 and marked esp. by aneffort to give formal expression to the dynamic energy and movement ofmechanical processes.

1909;Doctrine esthétique (formulée par le poète italienMarinetti) exaltant le mouvement, et tout ce qui dans le présent (vieardente, vitesse, machinisme, révolte, goût du risque, etc.)préfigurerait le monde futur. Le futurisme italien prônait laviolence, la guerre. — Tendance poétique et artistique moderniste(débarrassée des traits idéologiques du futurismeitalien). Les futurismes et constructivismes des années 20.

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