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Ghirlandaio,Domenico (1449-94). Florentine painter. He trained with Baldovinetti andpossibly with Verrocchio. His style was solid, prosaic, and ratherold-fashioned (especially when compared with that of his great contemporaryBotticelli), but he was an excellent craftsman and good businessman and had oneof the most prosperous workshops in Florence. This he ran in collaboration withhis two younger brothers, Benedetto (1458-97) and Davide (1452-1525). Hislargest undertaking was the fresco cycle in the choir of Sta Maria Novella,Florence, illustrating Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and St John theBaptist (1486-90). This was commissioned by Giovanni Tornabuoni, a partner inthe Medici bank, and Ghirlandaio depicts the sacred story as if it had takenplace in the home of a wealthy Florentine burgher. It is this talent forportraying the life and manners of his time (he often included portraits in hisreligious works) that has made Ghirlandaio popular with many visitors toFlorence. But he also had considerable skill in the management of complexcompositions and a certain grandeur of conception that sometimes hints at theHigh Renaissance.

Ghirlandaioworked on frescos in Pisa, San Gimignano, and Rome (in the Sistine Chapel) aswell as in Florence, and his studio produced numerous altarpieces. He alsopainted portraits, the finest of which is Old Man and his Grandson (Louvre);this depicts the grandfather's diseased features with ruthless realism, but hasa remarkable air of tenderness. Ghirlandaio's son and pupil Ridolfo (1483-1561)was a friend of Raphael and a portrait painter of some distinction. His mostfamous pupil, however, was Michelangelo.

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