Реферат: Famous People of Belarus


 There are  many  famous people in our republic.

Among them you can find thenames of politicians and

public figures, intellectualsand scientists, heroes

of war and labour, sportsmenand artists.

     First of  all  I'd  liketo mention the name of

our outstanding   national  writers   Yanka   Kupala

and Yakub Kolas.   They  created  a  new  Belarusian

Literature and  a Belarusian  literatury  language.

Both are considered to be theclassics of Belorusian

literature. These names arefollowed by a number  of

other well-known   writers  and  poets,  such  as

K.Krapiva, Chorny,  Brovka, Shamyakin, Tank, Bykov,

Korotkevich, Gilevich, Loyka,  Adamovich known both

in our country and abroad.Their works  are translated

into many European languages.

     Many Minsk  streets are  named  after  the

Balarusian writers.

     The cultural life ofBelarus  has  always  been

very interesting   and varied.  Among  the  leading

composers of  the  present centure  were  Tikotsky,

Aladov,    Bogatyrov,   Smolsky.    Other

well-known composers of theolder generation include

Pukst, Lukas, Luchenok,Alovnikov, etc.

     Many prominent names inthe history of  Belarus

of the  20th century areconnected with the two main

events, the Second World Warand space  exploration.

The Belarusians  fought heroically  defending their

Motherland. But  we  are especially  proud  of  the

heroes of   the  last  war: K.Zaslonov,  E.Osipova,

N.Gastello, V.Talalikhin, the  defenders  of  Brest

Fortess and many others. Inthe family of cosmonauts

there are also twoBelarussians,  A.Kovalyonok and


     At the present day time,the time of revolution

of values,  it's difficult tofind heroes especially

among politicians.  Time willput everything in  its

place and  give everybody hisdue.  But one thing is

obvious: great times arecreated by great men. Their

names are sure to become historywhatever it may be.

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