Реферат: Country-side

Nature has always been a favourite theme for poets. Storms andadventures on the sea have inspired them to write stirring verses. Greatforests have led them to write solemn songs. Mountains and valleys, hills andmeadows, too, have given them inspiration. And, indeed, can you find anyone whowould not be thrilled by the beauties of nature, who would not be stirred bythe charms of shape, colour and motion?

I think everyone enjoys being out in the country. The-re is agreat charm about gathering berries or looking for mushrooms in the silence ofthe wood. Perhaps you enjoy sauntering in the fields or rambling through thesweet-scented woods where as you move along you stop now and then to admire thewhite-stemmed birch trees or some blossoming shrubs. You may like climbinglulls or following strange trails or looking for unusual plants. At the top ofeach hill, at each turn in the trail you come upon something new, unexpected.

Perhaps you prefer watching insects, animals or birds. You maywatch lines of busy animals as they carry bits of food to their lull-like home,or bees as they hover over flowers. The more you observe, the more you come toknow about the beauty of the world around you, and you find a new interest intrees and flowers, fields and valleys and in the animals of the forest.

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