Реферат: Топик по иностранному языку \english\

Foodfor life

People cannot live without food. Where does our food come from? Meatcomes from animals. People eat domestic birds too. Eggs come from birds. Milkcomes from cows.
   From milk people make butter and cheese. From plantswe get fruit and vegetables. A lot of fruit grows on trees: apples, oranges andbananas. Some plants have fmit too, like the coffee plant. So coffee is a fruitdrink! What about tea? Tea comes from a plant too, but it is not a fmit. Wemake tea from the leaves of a plant, so tea is a vegetable!
   What about tomatoes? «Tomatoes are avegetable,» some people say. No, they are not. Tomatoes are fmit.Different food comes from different countries. Oranges and bananas grow inAfrica and America.
   Where does our food come from? Some people growtheir food, but usually we buy it. Remember to buy and eat right food! Rememberthe proverb: an apple a day keeps doctor away. Eat a lot of fmit andvegetables!
   Drink milk and juice! They've got a lot of vitamins.

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