Реферат: 2 Топика по иностранному языку \english\

Santi goes to school

Santi is a little boy. He is eight. He lives in Central Africa and goesto school there. School starts at seven o'clock in the morning, but he goes toschool at half past six. Why? Well, he wants to get a desk near the teacher'stable. In Santi's class there are fifty two pupils. The pupils play in theplayground before classes. Some of them wear their school uniform: a whiteblouse or a shirt and a blue skirt or trousers. When they come into theclassroom, many of the girls take off their blouses and skirts. They usuallywear T-shirts and shorts in the classroom. They do this because it is very hotin the room and because they don't want to get their uniform dirty. Beforeclasses they sing one or two songs. The pupils have classes five days a week.Every day they have five lessons. They study English, Math's, Geography, P.E.*,History, Music and Art. They have swimming, games and computer studies too.
   After classes Santi plays football and thengoes home. When he comes home, he has
something to eat. He usuallywatches cartoonson TV before he does his homework.

Seasonsand clothes

There are four seasons in the year. Each of them brings differentweather and different dresses. When it is hot people wear T-shirts and shorts,light blouses and skirts, sport shoes, socks and sandals. In summer peopledress like this in Africa, Russia, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain and America.In cold weather people usually put on warm clothes: jeans and trousers,sweaters and jackets, overcoats and caps. In winter they wear fur coats and furcaps, high boots and mittens or gloves. The proverb says: there is no badweather, there are bad clothes. Another proverb says: everything is good in itsseason. When you think what to wear, choose the right dress. Think what is goodat the sports ground and what is good at the party and why a long dress looksbeautiful on a woman but is funny on a little girl. When you buy clothes, trythem on, make sure that they are your size, that they suit you well and thatyou like their colour.

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