Реферат: The Higher school and the ways to science

            Student participation in research is one ofthe most effective methods for training highly — qualified specialists capableof taking part in the rapidly developing scientific and technologicalrevilution.

            Studentsare encouraged to participate widely in research while still at college. theprogrammeof studies is designed in such a way as to draw students ever deeperinto scientific research.

            Researchenables the students to improve their knowledge and put to practical use thethings they learn at lectures, seminars and laboratories. Furthermore, itenables them to realize the practical value of their knowledge, to master thebasic experimental techniques, to learn how to handle the modern equipment andanalyse the results of experiment.

            Suchstudents graduate as highly — skilled specialists. And this actually is one themost important tasks facing college.

            Thereare student research societies at every univesity and institute. Contests,

competitionsans exhibitions, based on student research have become an establishedtradition.Every year a country-wide student contest is held for the bestresearch project, the winners being awarded special medals and diplomas.

            Studentsare engaged in research under guidance of professrs, instructors, engineers andpost-graduates.As a rule, students write their term papers and graduationtheses on problems of their research work. They operate experimental andindustrial installations, conduct theoretical investigations, read scientificliterature on their speciality.

            Manyterm papers and graduation theses include elements of research done at somehigher school department on contract with industrial enterprises. Term papers,research work, graduation theses of practical importance to industry — such arethe stages of turning students into highly-skilled thinking

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