Реферат: Sightseeing

It's needless to saythat sightseeing tops the list of things to do when you are abroad. Why? Therecan be many reasons starting with broading one's horizons and ending withpsychological treatment. Sight seeing enables us to compare countries and seewhat other places are like. Sightseeing means getting away from your dirtycrowded city, escaping from the boring routine and watching impressive,fascinating, spectacular, incredible, fantastic and simply amazing sceneriespieces of architecture, perhaps in another dirty and crowded city. Hiring alocal guide is not obligatory but it can enable you to get a better view of theplace and to get some additional information.

No matter how strangeit may seen but I'm not fond of sightseeing. I find it boring to look atman-made buildings and monuments, no matter how beautiful they are. I'm muchmore interested in more natural things that have something to do with theeveryday life of the people in the place. I take a slightly different view ofthe question of sightseeing. As I see it, sightseeing means feeling theatmosphere and even being involved in the atmosphere first of all. Pictures ofwell-known monuments, buildings and places are available worldwide — is it aneasy way of «seeing the sight»?

That is the reason Iwould like to see rural parts of India such as Goa and Chinese monasteries,lakes of Canada and jungle of Brazil, deserts of Australia and everlastingbrightness of the Hawaii islands — they all have the original wildness andthere are no vendors around offering to buy souvenirs.

I can't understand thepopularity of European capitals with tourists from all over the world. Do theyreally include many «sights to see»? I guess I'll never understandit.

Alexander V. Myskin, gr. 2o1.

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