Реферат: Leisure time of British teenagers

The majority of teenagers in Great Britain spend their freetime as everywhere in the world. The average young person spends about 19 hoursin front of the television. According to the government report nearlythree-quarter of young people have TV sets in their rooms. Besides watching TV,other activities like cinema going and sport remain popular. In Wales, thereport says that some 50 percent of boys play football throughout the winterwhile a great number of girls also play football, although they are in generalprefer swimming and tennis.

Listening to music is also a part of time spending.Tape-recorders, CD-players and the concerts of pop music are the subject ofevery day talk of teenagers.

As children grow older they turn from playgardens or homesto streets where they meet and talk and start develop their confidence. Streetlife includes groups of friends who meet together in the streets, squares andparks, or visit town centers to do window-shopping and «see what's goingon».

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