Реферат: My favorite book

My favorite book is «The Old Man and the Sea» byErnest Hemingway. This story is one of the well-known works of the writer. Theauthor depicts the characters of the old man and the boy and their relationsvery vividly and skillfully. Santiago, the old man, was one of the writer'sbeloved characters. The old man was a born fisherman, but he was not a butcherand fished only for a living.

He was very lonely. He had a devoted friend — the boy,Manolin. The boy loved the old man for his kind heart, his devotion to the sea.Manolin was like a son to Santiago. He took care of the old man's food and hisbelongings.

The old man was glad to pass his experience to the boy. Helooked forward to going to the sea together with the boy.

All Santiago's life had been in preparation for the battlewith big fish. He knew that he had been born for this and it was time to proveit. A strong man at last had met a strong fish. The battle was a difficult oneand full of danger.

Though the sharks had eaten the fish and nothing had leftbut the backbone, the old man had morally won the battle. Santiago's words«man can be destroyed but not defeated» are the main idea of thisstory.

«The Old Man and the Sea» is a masterpiece forits imaginative language and the description of nature.

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