Реферат: My favorite newspapers

Newspapers and magazines play a great and very importantrole in the life of a modern man.

The newspapers I read are the most readable and have alarge readership or circulation. For example «Arguments and Facts»has a circulation of more than 5 million. Reading the newspaper I can getinformation about current events that have taken or are going to take place inthis country and abroad. I can also read articles about historical events andpublic figures of the past. The pages of the newspaper carry articles on oureconomy, industry, agriculture and social life.

The newspaper contains and gives coverage of local, homeand foreign affairs.

I like the way it presents different points of view,approaches to the problems, topical issues of the day.

My parents and I subscribe to some periodicals. There is noneed to read all the articles. I can look through the newspapers and read theitems I am interested in.

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