Реферат: My school

I study at school №159. It is situated in the center of ourdistrict close to my house. It takes me only 10 minutes to get there. I go toschool 5 times a weak. We study different subjects: Russian, English,literature, history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, math and computerscience.

Languages and history are my favorite subjects. I make muchprogress in these subjects.

Our school is a 3-storeyed modern building. It has manyclassrooms, specialized rooms, laboratories and workshops.

Specialized rooms are used to study math, chemistry andother subjects. These rooms are equipped with corresponding teaching materials,facilities and devices.

On the ground floor there is a library, a cloakroom, adining room, workshops, a gymnasium and a head master's office.

Our school is located in a picturesque place. The parkwhere different trees, bushes and flowers grow surrounds it. There is a playground and a stadium near  the building of the school.

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