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Doré, Gustave

Doré, Gustave (1832-83). The most popular and successful French bookillustrator of the mid 19th century. Doré became very widely known forhis illustrations to such books as Dante's Inferno (1861), DonQuixote (1862), and the Bible (1866), and he helped to give Europeancurrency to the illustrated book of large.

He was soprolific that at one time he employed more than forty blockcutters. His work ischaracterized by a rather naïve but highly spirited love of the grotesqueand represents a commercialization of the Romantic taste for the bizarre.

Drawingsof London done in 1869-71 were more sober studies of the poorer quarters of thecity and captured the attention of van Gogh. In the 1870s he also took uppainting (doing some large and ambitions religious works) and sculpture (themonument to the dramatist and novelist Alexandre Dumas in the Place Malesherbesin Paris, erected in 1883, is his work).

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