Реферат: Moreau, Gustave

Moreau, Gustave (1826-1898). French painter, one of the leading Symbolistartists. He was a pupil of Chassйriau and was influenced by his master's exoticRomanticism, but Moreau went far beyond him in his feeling for the bizarre anddeveloped a style that is highly distinctive in subject and technique.

Hispreference was for mystically intense images evoking long-dead civilizationsand mythologies, treated with an extraordinary sensuousness, his paintencrusted and jewel-like. Although he had some success at the Salon, he had noneed to court this as he had private means, and much of his life was spent inseclusion.

In 1892 hebecame a professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and proved an inspired teacher,bringing out his pupils' individual talents rather than trying to impose ideason them. His pupils included Marquet and Matisse, but his favorite was Rouault,who became the first curator of the Moreau Museum in Paris (the artist'shouse), which Moreau left to the nation on his death. The bulk of his work ispreserved there.

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