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One of theprincipal neoimpressionist painters, Paul Signac, b. Nov. 11,1863, d. Aug. 15, 1935, worked with Georges Seurat in creating pointillism (ordivisionism).

Signacpublished From Delacroix to Neo-Impressionism (1899), explainingtheir theories. Signac's prosperous shopkeeping family gave him financialindependence. Unlike Seurat, he had virtually no formal training; he taughthimself to paint by studying the works of Claude Monet and others. After he andSeurat met in 1884, they developed their technique of painting with dots--or«points» in French--of color, which led to the name pointillism. AsSignac explained, they used the pure impressionist palette but applied it indots that were to be blended by the viewer's eye. What Signac called«muddy mixtures» were to be banished from painting and replaced byluminous, intense colors. Many of Signac's works are landscapes, inspired bythe bright sunlight of southern France. He also painted some figurecompositions.

Theneoimpressionists influenced the next generation; Signac inspired Henri Matissein particular. As president of the annual Salon des Independants (1908-34),Signac encouraged younger artists by exhibiting the controversial works of theFauves and the Cubists.

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