Реферат: The 20th century art

The 20th century art

It hasbeen calculated that there are more artists practising today than were alive inthe whole Renaissance, all three centuries of it. But we are no longerfollowing one storyline: we are in a new situation, where there is now nomainstream. The stream has flowed into the sea and all we can do now is totrace some of the main currents.

20th-centuryart is almost indefinable, and ironically we can consider that as itsdefinition. This makes sense, as we live in a world that is in a constant stateof flux. Not only is science changing the outward forms of life, but we arebeginning to discover the strange centrality of our subconscious desires andfears. All this is completely new and unsettling, and art naturally reflectsit.

The storyof painting now loses its way temporarily: it enters upon an encounter with theunknown and the uncertain. Only the passage of time can reveal which artists inour contemporary world will last, and which will not.

We havedates in the 20th century, and pictures to attach to them, but there is nolonger a coherent time sequence. This can be irritating to the tidy-minded, butit is in fact exciting in its adventurous freedom. With so many interestingartists, some of whom time may vindicate as of great importance, there is onlyspace to touch briefly on those who seem to many observers to be part of thestory, and not just footnotes.

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